Today's News

  • Mayor: Potholes a safety issue


    Shopping local is important for everyone in Spencer County, but when accessing local businesses becomes like driving an obstacle course, it’s a barrier those trying to make a living here don’t need.

  • New hydrants should solve fire hazard

    The Taylorsville City Commission last Tuesday night chose the simplest and least expensive route to solve a potentially disasterous issue with the flow of water from fire hydrants in Taylorsville.

    In a unanimous vote, the commission agreed to pay $7,000 to have two new hydrants placed at the edge of downtown, one at Brashears Creek Road and the other at East River Road. Nation said the department can run 1,000 feet of water hose from those hydrants to trucks, that would provide the adequate water pressure needed.

  • Library preparing for move

    The Spencer County Public Library is gearing up to move into its temporary location in preparation for a major renovation and construction project slated to start later this year.

  • Relay for Life this Friday


    In recent years, cancer awareness has largely taken the shape of ribbons in dozens of different colors, each representing a certain type of the disease and countless stories of cancer patients.

  • Simulator urges drivers to put texting on hold


    Max Duff and Nathan Childers may just be a few months away from being licensed drivers. However last week, they got a hands-on lesson about the dangers of texting and driving, thanks to a traveling program that came to Taylorsville Friday afternoon.

  • Governor raises minimum wage for state workers

    FRANKFORT – Gov. Steve Beshear is raising wages for state government’s lowest-paid workers. Beginning July 1, every person working for the executive branch of state government will earn at least $10.10 per hour, except for tipped employees whose wages will be more than doubled to $4.90 per hour.

  • Suspicious man seen talking to children

    Last week, Spencer Countians were abuzz on social media about a suspicious man driving through neighborhoods in the Hochstrasser Lane area attempting to lure children to his truck to pet his dogs.

  • Stidger: The spy that saved the Union


    EDITOR’S NOTE: This story appeared in the Spencer Magnet several years ago and addresses the important role Stidger played in the Civil War.

    A small, run-down house at the end of Garrard Street in downtown Taylorsville may not seem to be the kind of structure that would draw tourists. But a story of patriotism, valor and courage that originated inside that home’s four walls could make this town a must-see destination for history-minded travelers.

  • Agriculture - Digging those daffodils

    If your daffodils didn’t bloom well this year ask yourself these two questions: did you allow the foliage to die back naturally last summer before you cut it off; and has it been eons since they were last divided?

    Patience is a virtue when it comes to daffodils. Often the first color to appear in early spring, their beauty is long awaited. Then we have to wait another two months before we can remove the dulling green foliage. The foliage gathers nutrients for the bulb to store over winter, allowing it to grow and bloom next spring.

  • Texting more dangerous than bears

    The Wilderness Road was blazed through southeastern Kentucky and wound it’s way up to the outskirts of the Bluegrass region. It was originally a buffalo path, later a trail for Shawnee, Cherokee and hunters of other tribes, and finally was the road Daniel Boone and his followers used to settle Kentucky.