Today's News

  • COLUMN: Constitution written by ‘God fearing’ people

    I saw on the news where the U.S. Supreme Court was going to rule on the Obama health care plan and they were going to study it and see if it was unconstitutional. The way I understand it is that if they rule it is constitutional, we will be made to buy it, regardless of whether we want it or not. I have heard some say “there is no way they can make us buy something we don’t want; you know that is not right.”

  • COLUMN: Are you worn and weary?

    Do you ever feel like the wind in your sails is just gone?  Like the pep in your step has disappeared?  Like you can just barely make it through the next minute without collapsing?

  • COLUMN: Our paper is full of good news

    My least favorite complaint we receive about our paper or media outlets in general is that readers are tired of seeing all of the bad news. Countless times I’ve heard, “All you see in that paper/on that TV station is crime, murder and abuse.”
    Well, please don’t be offended, but if that truly is all you see, you’re simply not looking close enough.

  • An unexpected guest blows in...

    This hot air balloon, at left, landed on Bailey Court in Allen Place North on Saturday evening — right in the yard of Terri Cooper.

    ‘[The kids and I] ran out on the back porch to watch it fly over and to our surprise the hot air balloon pilot yells out, “Hey, can we land in your yard?” Well, of course our answer was yes! The pilot had to negotiate a very hard landing between houses and trees, but was able to land expertly even with the heavier winds,’ Cooper said in an email to The Spencer Magnet.

  • Police department hosting drug drop this Saturday

    The Taylorsville Police Department will be hosting a drug drop off in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Agency Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the Taylorsville City Hall parking lot at 70 Taylorsville Road. Residents can bring any expired/unused/unwanted pills, liquids, needles or other medications for free and safe disposal, no questions asked. Officials asked that all medications be in sealed containers. Pills should not be mixed with any liquid medications.

  • Spencer County Relay for Life 2012 update

    The information below was provided by the local Relay planning committee and is to help participants and the community better understand the purpose of the event and to keep abreast of upcoming events.

    So why the all night walk-a-thon?

  • Police search for information on van shooting

    Taylorsville Police are looking for information regarding this van, which was shot with a shotgun in the 100 block of Main Street on April 17 between 3 and 3:45 a.m.  Police said the van’s owner lives at 126 W. Main, but the vehicle was parked in front of 136 W. Main at the time of the shooting. Anyone with information in regard to the incident should call the police department at 502-477-3231.

  • Board votes to fund summer program

    The Spencer County Schools Summer Enrichment Program will be reality this summer, as the Board of Education recently approved funding for the 16-day initiative aimed at giving targeted at-risk students an academic boost during the summer months when students often regress.

  • Water rates will go up, but how much is still unknown

    The water bill for the City of Taylorsville will increase next year, and by all indications, its customers will see a rate increase as a result. But how much that increase will be for customers is yet to be determined.
    The Louisville Water Company, which provides water to the city for distribution, is raising its rates 6.4 percent, according to information presented during budget discussions at two special meetings last week.

  • Taylorsville woman injured after bus accident last week

    One Taylorsville woman was ejected from her vehicle and injured last Wednesday morning after colliding with a Spencer County school bus in front of the middle school on Ky. 44. No children were seriously hurt in the accident.