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  • BBB fake emails continue to pile up

    Businesses and consumers across the country have been hit by an on-going email scam that appears to be from the Better Business Bureau. The fake emails started in November, and have changed forms a number of times. Most of them include a virus — if the recipient clicks on a link.
    BBB Louisville was alerted by an Accredited Business Friday about the latest version, which accused the business of illegal activities. The following is the scam email:

    From: Better Business Bureau

    Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 7:08 AM

  • Senior week in college sports

    Basketball fans in Kentucky, did you notice time hurry off your clock?
    Did it rush across the map like a big wind or gale force of worn-out cliches from Dick Vitale’s mouth?
    Tickets and travel times and tip times. Clips of 10 seconds, 35 seconds, endless coach-then-television time-outs, referee reviews, 20 minute halves, 40 minutes of Kidd-Gilchrist, 40 more of Isaiah Canaan, then whoooosh – Senior Week.

  • COLUMN: People or paperwork?

    Over the last few weeks I have been interacting with insurance agencies, banks, doctors and assorted other organizations on behalf of my mother.  The headaches and mindless policies can drive you crazy!  And then there are those who forget that each policy number or account number represents a living breathing person! By the way, all of this stuff happened in a state that will remain nameless, although orange and volunteer may give you a hint!

  • A rainbow of possibilities: Rainbow-styled cakes are a fun, colorful alternative to boring desserts

    Rainbow styled cakes are a fun current trend in cake decorating. The rainbow can either be colors in the cake layers or batter, or some kind of rainbow in the frosting. I saw a rainbow cake for the first time about two years ago. A college classmate posted a photo on Facebook of a cake she and her son made with plain white frosting and colored layers. It looked so amazing! A few months later, Family Fun magazine featured a cupcake that had a rainbow layered into the batter.

  • Only bad people do bad things, right? Wrong. Doubly wrong.

    The name “Hitler” can strike fear, painful memories, even hatred especially with those of us who lived during that period when this man was doing all of the well-known, documented horrible deeds to humanity, especially the Jews, during his reign of terror masterminding at least 6,000,000 of them.

  • COLUMN: Fake pot could create real problems

    Who knew something considered fake could pose such a real threat in Spencer and surrounding counties?
    Admittedly, I know very little about synthetic cannabinoids/synthetic marijuana/fake pot/whatever you want to call it.
    Many of you know my professional background — I spent three years, 2008-2011, as news editor at The Anderson News in neighboring Anderson County. Because of my history there and because of my current residence there, I made it a point to follow the “fake pot” saga when the fiscal court there passed its ordinance last month.

  • PHOTO: Bee-utiful spelling, Riley!

    Taylorsville Elementary student Riley Collins-Schultz, pictured above, recently claimed the grand prize in the school’s spelling bee. She will be advancing on to the next level of competition.

    Grade level winners were:
    Third grade:  Riley Collins-Schultz, Brenton Galeoti, Colin Bradham
    Fourth grade:  Caden Little, Hunter Chesser, and Allie Roberts
    Fifth grade:  Kenny Stewart, Taylor Ward, and Eli Sherrard

  • Savvy Savings: Columnist shares tips for lowering prescription drug costs


    Dear Savvy Senior
    What tips can you recommend to help me save on my drug costs? I’m 62 years old, and currently take six different prescription medications that I can barely afford.
    Poorly Insured

    Dear Poorly,

  • IN CASE YOU WONDERED: Cranes, waterfowl on way back to northern homes

    Spencer County resident Patti Grubb recently stopped by The Spencer Magnet to inquire about the large number of sand hill cranes she and her husband had been noticing in the area.

  • COLUMN: Baseball history did not always happen the way the fans might remember it

    By PAUL NIEMANN, Hometown Content
    As baseball season begins in less than six weeks, this is a good time to start talking about it. This week’s story is about a long-forgotten pioneer in baseball history.
    His name was Moses Fleetwood Walker, and his place in baseball history is as permanent as it is unknown. Moses accomplished something that no other player did prior to him, and no other ballplayer can possibly do in the future.