Today's News

  • Gettinger named to Berea College dean’s list

    Taylorsville resident Anna Gettinger has been named to the Spring 2011 Berea College dean’s list. A student who earns a grade point average of 3.2 or higher for a minimum course load equivalent to 16 semester hours is named to the list.

  • Snider joins local practice

    The Taylorsville dental office of Strong and Strong is pleased to announced that Dr. John M. Snider Jr. has joined the practice.

  • PHOTO: Best of Kentucky Homes celebrates with ribbon cutting

    Best of Kentucky Homes held its ceremonial ribbon cutting Thursday to celebrate opening a new Spencer County office.

    Based in Louisville, the real estate agency now also has an office at 4897 Taylorsville Road next to Elk Creek Grocery.

    Pictured are Patty Maupin, front row, second from left, who is the principal broker, realtor and auctioneer; Paula Seebold, front row, third from left, who is the office manager; local dignitaries; and members of the Chamber of Commerce and business community.

  • COLUMN: Farm woodlands: A hidden treasure
  • COLUMN: Uneven corn due to spotty pollination

    Corn has been a staple food for centuries. It was first cultivated by Indian peoples in Central America. In fact, the adoption of agriculture and the art of cultivating gave way to the grand cities of the Aztec and Mayans. What would the world be without corn and potatoes, both of which were first cultivated in Central America?

  • 4-H Spencer County Fair Results


    Alfalfa Hay ½ bale from Current Year
    Courtney Jeffiers, Blue & Champion, Grand Champion Crops
    Brayden Morrow, Blue
    Matthew Jeffiers, Blue

    Mixed Hay ½ bale from Current Year
    Matthew Jeffiers, Blue & Champion, Reserve Grand Crops
    Courtney Jeffiers , Blue

    (not eligible to move on to State Fair)

    Head of Cabbage
    Darilyn Browning, Blue & Champion

  • COLUMN: Alcohol results not so sensational

    As you can see on today’s front page, law enforcement officials are chalking up the 18-month-old sale of alcohol to a wash – and rightly so.
    Every official this reporter talked to shared the same sentiment. As Sheriff Buddy Stump put it, “I haven’t seen any more [DUIs], but I haven’t seen any less.”
    The numbers themselves are somewhat conflicting – at first glance, it looks like DUI arrests went up (+37) while DUI convictions went down (-11). And if that’s as far as we take it, there are lots of questions to be asked.

  • Nursing home hosts art classes for residents

    Residents at Signature Healthcare of Spencer County recently took part in the nursing home’s first art class.

  • PHOTO: As American as baseball and apple pie

    The Waterford Sports Softball League donated these gloves and materials to the SFC Sammy Pagan Baseball and Apple Pie Day for the men and women of the HHC 1/25th SBCT, US Army, Afghanistan.

  • Getting ready for school at the Health fair/Readifest

    The Spencer County Family Resource and Youth Service Center sponsored the annual Health fair/Readifest at Spencer County High School on Saturday.

    The event offers school supplies, health and wellness checks and other useful back-to-school information for local families.

    Youth Service Center Coordinator Vonda Martin said 514 local students were at the event, and more than 787 people attended.