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  • Local nurse uses skills at New Hope


    Melissa Martin of Spencer County was recently hired, as an LPN by New Hope Services, Inc., a social services agency in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

  • PUBLIC RECORDS: District court

    The Honorable Judge Linda Armstrong presided over the following cases in District Court on October 24, 2008.


    Johnnie R. Goodman Jr. Speeding 26 mph over/greater. Pled guilty. $207 fine and court costs.

    Daniel K. Helton. Speeding 20 mph over the limit. State traffic school. $143 court costs.

    Bruce J. Henry. Speeding 14 mph over the limit. Pled guilty. State traffic school. $143 court costs.

    Shirley L. Neal. Failure to wear seat belts. Pled guilty. $25 fine.

  • TES students maintaining GREAT behavior for first 9 weeks

  • From The Word: Depend on God



  • LETTER: Football stories too negative

    I was disappointed in reading last Wednesday’s articles on our football team. Too much was spent on the negative and not enough on the positive.


    I, was shocked and saddened by Friday nights outcome. I feel that if the Shawnee coaches would have stepped up and made sure their players acted respectful by walking across our field and shaking hands, nothing would have taken place.

  • A MATTER OF OPINION: A center for all

    The concept of establishing a community center is one that has been batted around in conversations for several years now. Leaders, particularly those in Taylorsville, realize the need for creating a place where families could gather to socialize, learn and play – but making those dreams a reality has always come down to a lack of dollars and cents. Hopes for such a venue have been placed at the mercy of some philanthropic organization, because even with new taxes, the city and county both say they are struggling just to meet current obligations.

  • BBB Advises to beware of Gas Card Scam

     Free gas sounds good, but could it be too good to be true? Chances are, probably so.

  • SCHS: Major work nearly done

    The Spencer County High School cafeteria is definitely up and running and being utilized by students, faculty and staff.

    Thanks to the many windows, students will be able to enjoy the sunlight.

    “There have been studies which have shown that a lot of daylight improves the learning atmosphere,” said Brett Beaverson, director of operations for the Spencer County Public Schools. “We are following the trend, and it can prove to be healthy.”

    The construction going on at the high school is getting closer to its conclusion.

  • FEMA gives $144,000

    Thanks to FEMA and Homeland Security, Spencer County Fire Protection District is going to get a new tanker truck. It will replace the aging tanker they have now that does not meet Department of Transportation standards.

    “This new tanker will significantly increase the safety of our firefighters,” said Nathan Nation, fire chief, “as well as the effectiveness in protecting property within our community.”

  • Forest Hill Studios: Where dreams can come true