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  • COLUMN: Fostering a relationship with God is amazing

    Have you ever thought about how amazing our lives are these days?  I know most of us think our lives are fairly ordinary, but are they really?  Let’s just think about our daily grind for a minute.

  • COLUMN: Keeping it local, and doing it well

    If I’m going to do something, I want to excel at it.
    The reverse is also true: if I don’t pick up something easily, I’m likely to stop trying.
    I never learned how to ride a bike or whistle because it didn’t come easily right away. Occasionally I try whistling again, but I get frustrated and stop nearly as soon as I start.
    I also would rather play caddy for my husband when he plays disc golf than play myself because I’ve yet to master the game. How can I master it when I never play? Good question.

  • COLUMN: Rain delays spring cleaning

    We have seen more water hit the ground in the past five weeks than many people have ever seen. Water levels have risen to never before seen heights. The overflow at the lake was last seen with water pushed to the bridge.
    All this means that when the waters drop and the sun stays out to dry the ground, we are going to see people catching up on their normal spring activities, from gardening to fishing and boating.

  • April Healthy Heroes

    Josh Seabolt and Jennifer Hahn are teachers at Taylorsville Elementary who started a track/running club that has grown into a competing track team that includes any child from either elementary school who wants to try running track.

  • Sheriff’s department gets grant to enforce seatbelt safety

    Local motorists will have extra motivation to buckle up May 23 – June 5 as the Spencer County Sheriff’s Department will be working overtime during the  2011 Click It or Ticket Safety Belt Enforcement Mobilization program.  

  • Sign causes controversy for family-owned gas station

    The owners of Elmar’s BP in Elk Creek have been engaged in a battle over their gas price sign for nearly seven years.
    According to co-owner Carmin Gaines, she, her brother, Carsyn, and her father, Elmer, obtained verbal permission to order their 71-square-foot sign in April 2004.
    Gaines claims that Elmar’s was granted a permit for that sign on June 15, 2004 – the same day it was put up.

  • City proposes water rate hike

    Starting in July, city and county customers of Taylorsville Water Works could see a jump in their water bills.
    In an effort to lessen the gap between the base rate for city customers ($7.50) and the base rate for county customers ($14.70), the city commission is proposing a rate increase of 35 percent for city customers and 12.44 percent for those in the county.
    That would bring the city base rate up to $10.13 and the county base rate up to $16.53.

  • SBDMs won’t see cuts to next year’s funding

    Since no additional cuts in state education funding are being handed down to the local school district, the Spencer County Site-based Decision Making Councils won’t have to devise a plan to work with less funding next school year.
    Despite talks in March that SBDM per-student funds could be reduced from the current $135 to $110 in order to preserve faculty positions, the board moved at its April meeting not to cut the funding. Kentucky House Bill 1 requires that school boards allot a minimum of $100 per student to the SBDM councils.  

  • Native American festival seeks support

    Without some community support, the Spirit of the Warrior Native American Festival is at risk of being canceled for the second consecutive year, said Jerry Thornton.

  • Accused burglar arrested in Mt. Washington

    A Bullitt County man has been charged with burglaries that stretch into two adjoining counties.
    James A. Underwood, 27, of Mount Washington, was caught Saturday morning in an apartment in Mount Washington.