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  • Opinion: From our readers 6 25

    Thanks from Spencer County Habitat

  • Editorial: Police chief search going well

    We would like to congratulate the city of Taylorsville for going above and beyond the call of duty in its most recent search for a police chief to fill the position being made available by the retirement of current chief Toby Lewis.

  • Plenty to see and do this summer

    Summer is finally here, for real this time. After an exceptionally long winter, (luckily I was able to avoid my first full Kentucky winter) spring thaws have led into summer heat. This week the mercury is rising to 90 degrees and as such the true start of summer is here. I wanted to take this opportunity to say that a little over three months into my time here in Kentucky I have already been behaving quite a bit like it was already summer.

  • Opinion: From our readers

    Magnet should get facts straight

  • Editorial: Get involved in community events

    We are proud to see that the community is getting involved in events. This Friday evening, Relay for Life will be having their annual event which promises to be very entertaining. The event is for an excellent cause and will include activities for kids and adults alike. Be sure to check out our article on page 6 on the event.

  • Opinion: From our readers

    Our county government at work

  • Magistrates should remember who they work for

    In an attempt to avoid a circus Thursday evening the Spencer County Fiscal Court accomplished just that, and seriously brought into question whether the court represents the people or themselves.
    We here at the Spencer Magnet take no direct position on whether the budget should or shouldn’t have been cut as we have not, as of yet, done a detailed analysis of the budget. Our concern is more in regards to what has been recently portrayed by magistrates and how these meetings could actually be conducted.

  • Habitat and Board of Adjustment work together

    We want to congratulate both Spencer County Habitat for Humanity and the Spencer County Board of Adjustment for their work in coming together for the approval of a single family home on Maple Avenue. In a previous editorial we urged the parties to work together to find common ground and voiced our support for a single family dwelling on the corner lot owned by Habitat.