Today's Opinions

  • From our readers - Silly bills in Frankfort hurt Kentucky

    It never ceases to amaze me the silly bills some legislatures want to get passed with false information. Take the one about starting charter schools. You cannot improve education by taking money out of a system to start a new system.

  • Living within our means

    When Governor Matt Bevin released his budget proposal for the Commonwealth last week, many were concerned, even worried, that the cuts were going to be painful.

    The buzzword in the days leading up to his budget speech was “austere” which according to Webster, can mean severe, or also basic. In terms of financial budgeting, it can mean both.

    His budget proposal calls for nearly across-the-board cuts of nine percent. A few areas escaped the chopping block, but those that didn’t were vocal in their opposition.

  • Lawmakers now tackle Bevin budget

    Week four of the Kentucky General Assembly marked a momentous occasion for our state. Governor Matt Bevin gave his first State of the Commonwealth Budget Address, laying out a plan that will guide Kentucky out of the financial mire that has lingered for the past several years after the recession.

  • House holds rare abortion votes

    This week in Frankfort proved to be not only fruitful, but historic for the Kentucky House of Representatives. For the first time in over 12 years, debate and a floor vote was allowed on a pro-life piece of legislation. Senate Bill 4, commonly known as the informed consent bill, passed the House by a vote of 92-3.

  • From our readers - Agencies set example in response to last week’s snow

    Hats off to everyone!

    Last week was a perfect example of how the government is supposed to work “for the people.”

    In my little corner of the world, western Spencer County, the snow was no big deal. The county road was plowed and cindered, the state roads were plowed and salted, the electricity stayed on, and the water kept flowing.

    This was no easy feat to accomplish, as it took countless hours of hard work.

  • There’s calm after the storm

    Weather can make for exciting news. Ah, but for the best headlines and coverage, it’s in the anticipation of weather that many in the media take it to the next level.

    Consider last week’s approaching storm, which caused many people to empty the shelves of bread, milk, toilet paper and other essentials that we apparently keep only day-to-day supplies of. For days, we were warned of the approaching white doom, and when we woke Friday morning, we were greeted only by the two or three inches that had fallen on Wednesday.

  • House shows progress early in ’16 session

    The Kentucky General Assembly completed Day 12 of the 2016 Regular Session this past Thursday. The decision was made to cancel the Friday session so members could return home before the inclement weather arrived. I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to all of our dedicated transportation workers and our first responders who worked so hard to keep all of us safe this past weekend.

  • Senate acts on pro-life, state election measures

    Floor votes, committee hearings, and spirited debate highlighted an action-packed second week of session in the Kentucky Senate. Guests from all corners of the Commonwealth were welcomed to Frankfort to speak on behalf of various bills.

    On Thursday we were visited by hundreds of young and energetic faces celebrating Children’s Advocacy Day, sponsored by Kentucky Youth Advocates. The group hosted a rally in the Capitol Rotunda where several Senate majority members were recognized for their efforts in standing up for Kentucky’s children.