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  • Opinion: From our readers 10 15 14

    Coulter responds to attacks

  • America’s newest battle: Ebola

    by Sen. Jimmy Higdon

  • Opinion: From our readers 10 8 14

    Keep competent local candidates

  • Newspapers important to healthy community

    This week marks the 74th anniversary of National Newspaper Week and we here at the Spencer Magnet are proud to be the community’s source of news and information.
    With all the talk of downsizing at the larger newspapers, smaller community based newspapers are thriving. This should come as no surprise to anyone here in Spencer County or anywhere that local journalism takes hold.
    Communities and newspapers enjoy a symbiotic relationship in that you cannot have one without the other.

  • Fall brings several big events
  • Opinion: From our readers 10 1 14

    Resident asks ‘why vote for Mr. Cheek?’
    I read with interest the resume Mr. Cheek printed in the newspaper and must say I found it incomplete. He stated that he had worked several years in the education system but didn’t say how many locations, accomplishments or reasons for leaving. Given the state of the public school system, I don’t consider what he provided much reason to vote for him.

  • Opinion: From our readers 9 24

    Reader wants to get out the facts on Sheriff Buddy Stump
    Yes, just the facts, that is what Sergeant Friday wanted when he interrogated suspect’s on the old TV program “Dragnet”. That is also what we as voting citizens should be interested in as we evaluate the people running for public office in November.
    Having heard some questionable negative comments (also many that were positive) regarding the operation of our Sheriff’s Department under the direction of Sheriff Buddy Stump, motivated me to investigate the facts. So, investigate I did.

  • Moving forward on Maple

    The Taylorsville City Commission finally took a step to move forward on renovations to Maple Avenue last week, voting to approve a roughly $63,000 project which will repave and widen Maple Avenue while installing new sidewalks on the south side of the roadway.
    For several months, the commissioners have debated an issue which seemed to come down to city officials desire for a street which matched the plan for other streets in the city versus resident’s desire not to have sidewalks.