Today's Opinions

  • We need more super meetings

    Last week marked something we have not seen perhaps ever. A meeting which involved not only the Spencer County Fiscal Court and the City of Taylorsville, but also the Spencer County Levee, Flood Control and Drainage District No. 1 and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers along with State Representative James Allen Tipton who was present to be part of the very important meeting regarding the floodwall. For this “super meeting” we thought it appropriate to give kudos to the respective agencies who called this moment together.

  • Superintendent thanks members of the Spencer County Board of Education

    The students and teachers, the administrators and the service workers of the Spencer County School System deserve praise for working hard in their roles. But equally deserving of praise are the members of the District’s Board of Education, not only for their work but for their leadership.

  • How blue is our bridge in Spencer County?

    Fiscal court last week was an interesting display of what happens when elected officials focus on what they want, as opposed to what the citizens want. It was also interesting to see that for all the talk of working together, we aren’t really much closer to that goal than we were before.
    The fiscal court once again brought up the issue of the Salt River Bridge, also known as the blue bridge, but this time the magistrates appeared to be following what their constituents were asking for.

  • Legislative Update

    FRANKFORT, Ky. (Jan 16, 2015) – Greetings from Frankfort. After a busy and very productive first week of the session, we are in adjournment until February 3. Yet, we still have much work to do. The last date for new bills is Feb. 13 and that means that we are working to see what legislation needs priority and how to move forward efficiently. I have been traveling to Frankfort and meeting with the other leaders to prepare.

  • Opinion: From our readers 1 21 15

    Reader cannot support what Charlie Hebdo stands for
    I am NOT Charlie Hebdo!
    The world’s sympathy was poured out on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo two weeks ago after radical Islamic terrorists stormed their building and killed a number of employees, two police officers and then continued their killing spree a couple days later at a Kosher grocery store.

  • Let your voices be heard

    As the editor of a community newspaper, one of the things I enjoy most is being able to interact with the community, not only personally, but through the pages of this newspaper.
    Generally not a day goes by that I am not at some public function, or even at the grocery store, where someone doesn’t stop me to chat about an issue of interest to them in the community.

  • Legislative Update

    By Sen. Jimmy Higdon

  • Opinion: From our readers 1 14 15

    Reader voices concerns regarding treatment of pet
    I am writing concerning my parents, Ted and Betty Goodlett, Girl the dog, and Spencer County Dog Pound. Girl has now been picked up twice within three days by a woman from the pound.
    Girl was dropped at my parent’s house when she was a puppy. She was at the end of her young life of being a Pit Bull; the owners were going to have her put down. My father is a farmer, a retired navy veteran; a man that strongly believes in his freedom along with his animals.