• I was catching up on some magazine reading the other day and on two occasions I read the phrase “choose thin spears” and I got so frustrated. These spring articles were about asparagus and I would like to go on the record that when it comes to homegrown asparagus (and even the wild growing in the fence rows) fat is good! The fat spears have always been tender from the garden so don’t let anyone fool you on the fresh from the garden variety. They are particularly well-suited for the charcoal grill.

  • While the winter may have wreaked havoc on many desirable plants, it did little to affect crabgrass, the most common weed in Kentucky lawns.
    “Crabgrass is an annual weed that outcompetes desirable grasses and then dies in the fall, leaving bare spots in yards for winter weeds to fill in,” said Gregg Munshaw, extension turf specialist in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. “The cycle keeps repeating itself until the turf stand gets poorer and poorer.”

  • It was three years after the Civil War and Spencer Countians were ready to enjoy the peace and security they had missed so much.
     They should no longer have to live in fear, reluctant to answer the door and never knowing how to reply when a voice in the night demanded to know their politics.
    While the violence associated with the war had ended, bands of outlaws and scavengers made their presence known.

  • 60 Years Ago
    April 8, 1954

  • Dear Savvy Senior,
    What can you tell me about reverse mortgages? I was considering one last year, but now I hear they are more difficult to get.
    Ready to Reverse

  • In your lifetime, have you ever experienced the emotional highs or lows that caused you to do things that hurt you or those around you? Those emotions often feel like a ping-pong ball bouncing across a table, and then we begin to wonder, “What is wrong with me?” Well, we all have moods.

  • Spencer Christian hosts community Easter service
    Spencer Christian Church invites the community to its community-wide Easter Sunday Service at Spencer County High School on April 20, 10 a.m. There will be a nursery and children’s programs for kids through second grade.

    Bethlehem Baptist to host Easter Celebration
    Bethlehem Baptist Church at 1286 Briar Ridge Road is hosting a community Easter Celebration April 19 at 11 a.m. The event will include an egg hunt, prizes, food and fun.


  • 60 Years Ago
    April 1, 1954

    Illegal to Sell Quail For Food, Is Ruling
    The Kentucky Game and Fish Commission, at its regular March meeting, approved a regulation barring the sale of quail obtained from any source for food in Kentucky.
    The action was taken, Earl Wallace, Commissioner of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, said, “to prevent sale of native quail under the guise of being out-of-state wildlife shipped into the state as food.”



  • Spring in Spencer County is a great time of greening and warming, but it’s also a time when livestock producers need to watch out for grass tetany, also called spring tetany or grass staggers. Some people also refer to it as wheat pasture poisoning, winter tetany or lactation tetany. Regardless, it’s a condition caused by an abnormally low level of magnesium in the blood.

  • I want to say spring has sprung, but it hasn’t. I have 160 Freedom Ranger chicks coming in the mail next week and lambs hitting the ground (don’t worry, that’s shepherd talk for lambs being born). I want warm not just for the new 2-legged and 4-legged arrivals but for my potatoes, onions and kale. I need warm before I can even think of putting a tomato, bean or cucumber out in the garden.

  • I am a fairly organized but not necessarily neat guy. For example my keys go in the same place each night. That spot may get filled with other scraps of paper or coins, but my keys will always be there. That way I can always find my keys.Most of us do the same sort of thing; we find ways to keep things from getting lost. The other day I went looking for a little gadget (a digital recorder) I always keep on my desk. I use it every Sunday, so I keep it in one place. Now my desk is a sort of natural disaster area. But I can usually find what I want.