•  Dry weather conditions this summer following another dry season last year have resulted in grazed pastures with areas that have thin vegetative cover and bare soil. Much of these areas already has evidence of weedy vegetation such as common ragweed and other summer annuals. As these plants die back naturally, cool-season weeds such as common chickweed, henbit and purple deadnettle will fill in the voids.

  • Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site is pleased to announce that during the week of October 20, 2008, restoration work will begin on the replica cabin located at the Knob Creek Unit.   The Lincoln Boyhood Home at Knob Creek is located 11 miles northeast of the Birthplace Unit on U.S.

  •    Some of the contents of my files are a mystery to me. I have notes on little  pieces of paper that contain names, addresses and phone numbers, or clippings from newspapers that have been in folders for years. I can’t scratch my head too much trying to remember who some of the people were or why I saved their addresses or phone numbers because my hair is too thin and it would be dangerous. Some of them aren’t too difficult to decipher, however.

  •  Joel Fickel, a 2008 graduate of Spencer County High School,  has been named a Sen. Jeff Green Scholar. Students earn this designation by achieving a 4.0 grade point average all four years of high school and scoring at least a 28 composite on the ACT.

  •  Another election season rolls around.  Political conventions and political ads fill the airwaves.  Everybody has an opinion and once again the question of character comes up.  Is he?  Did she?  What about her?  Can you trust him?  Will she keep her promises?  These and other questions about candidates often revolve around character, but  I think we have really missed the point.

  •  My brother was the best digger around! He had dug potatoes and postholes, but unfortunately he dug himself into a great big hole. When the phone rang, Mom asked, “Chloe, can you answer that?  It’s probably Woody.” When I answered and heard Woody’s voice, I could tell he’d been crying. “What’s the matter, Woody?” I asked. “Didn’t you like the concert?” “Oh Chloe, the concert was terrific,” Woody sobbed.


    Fisherville Baptist Holiday Bazaar


    Fisherville Baptist 

    Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat will be October 26, starting at 5 p.m..  Please join us for a chili cook off, games, arts and crafts and lots of candy!  For more information, please call 267-5605.

  • We had a preacher come to our church not long ago who preached a very stern message. The

  •  The Taylorsville High School Class of 1968 held its 40 year class reunion August 23, 2008, at Dinner at Crespo’s. Twenty-four members out of a class of 57 were present. Mona Glasscock Kracht led the class with an evening of reflection packed full of 60s memories. Classmates no longer with them were remembered at a special cande ceremony. Those classmates were: Ronnie Cox, Edward Green, Carter Love, Sherry Neal Snider, Roy Roberts, James Yates Kenny Brown, and Larry Herndon.

  • We had a lay witness mission retreat this past weekend.  It brought back great memories of praise.  

    If you have never tried praising the Lord, please try it.  I guarantee, you will like it.

  •  It happens every year about this time.  Nature throws a switch and Kentucky’s hills and plains light up with the neon colors of autumn. And that spectrum of colors painting the hillsides is part of a very green cycle – or more accurately, recycle.

  •  After 26 years of service as Fire Chief of Mt. Eden Fire Department, Alvin Burgin has recently stepped down from his position.  

  • Ghosts and goblins of all ages can join the fun at the Salato Wildlife Education Center’s Halloween Walk with the Animals in Frankfort from 1 – 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 25. Admission to this kid-safe, trick-or-treat event is $5 per person. 


    William Stevens Goodwin, 66


    Grandparents were invited to enjoy a wonderful turkey lunch and browse the PTA book fair with their grandchildren.


    Celebrate Veteran’s Day in the Glory Run 5K brought to you by Guard Duty, a non-profit organization honoring & assisting our military & their families.  Take the opportunity to help celebrate our true heroes.


     Proclaiming that no child of ability should be denied access to college because of cost, Gov. Steve Beshear today named a 25-member task force to tackle the tough issues of affordability and access to Kentucky higher education.

  •  It was a night of glitz and glam as 21 girls and 6 boys walked the runway hoping for a page in next years FCCLA Calendar.  The FCCLA Calendar Contest is an annual event at SCHS.