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  • SCMS girls look to win titles


  • Sports can be a great escape

    Sports can be the great American escape. It seems in recent weeks, the news from around the world has been anything from encouraging. Wars, rumors of wars, religious persecution, kidnappings, dead viruses and chaos on the borders is enough to make people turn off the world.
    Never ignore the really serious matters that surround us. Apathy is our own worst enemy and ignorance is its greatest weapon. Stay abreast of what’s happing in the world, even when most of it seems bad.

  • Big Blue Nation: Break out the...

    Kentucky’s all-star basketball team is in the sunny Bahamas this week letting Mark Stoops and his football team have some alone time.
    From Planet Hoops Caribbean, a few observations.
    • For this team, break out the uptown adjectives. The platinum ones. To avoid overuse, bring a few dozen.
    • Assemblage of this talent and depth is, well, a professional team, In more than four decades watching college hoops, I’ve seen nothing like this one.

  • Coach optimistic ahead of season


  • Another good fall squirrel...

    FRANKFORT, Ky. – Generations of hunters have honed basic hunting skills and techniques and provided tasty table fare by stalking the forest for squirrels.
    For a young Chris Garland, squirrel hunting provided a gateway into the woods and remains a family tradition.

  • Bears win Nelson County...
  • Keeping sports injuries in...

    The video of the Indiana Pacers’ Paul George laying on the floor in immense pain was hard to watch. Even more difficult was seeing the replay of the injury in which George’s leg got caught up in the support of the basketball goal, resulting in his lower leg snapping to a 90 degree angle.
    The compound fracture of both his fibula and tibia made most who saw it on television sick to their stomachs. I can only imagine how it looked or sounded to those on or near the floor at the time.

  • Cordia takes a whipping for...

    Quite a flurry of hot rhetoric filled the air around our Commonwealth in recent days. Not so much Fancy Farm where hot air is as plentiful as St. Jerome Parish pork and mutton barbeque. More the buzz came via aftermath of Cordia High School’s run-in with reality and a KHSAA Supreme Court decision.
    The governing body hammered the Knott County school: Forfeit last basketball season, shut down the boys program for a year and fined the school nearly $25,000.

  • Teen driver fills up on racing...


  • SCHS to start swim team

    by Phyllis McLaughlin

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