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  • COLUMN: Memorial Day brought...

    Memorial Day.
    Tribute then, albeit belated, to veterans who served or are serving our country.
    A special salute today to heroes. For me, two of them.
    • Green County native Sgt. Dakota Meyer, America’s newest Congressional Medal of Honor winner. What valor. (See 60 Minutes, May 27).
    • And, a man you’ve never heard of, but Anthony’s first name will do. He remains for me a symbol – a model for crisp sense of duty, clarity of purpose, unflappable confidence.

  • COLUMN: Student-athletes deserve...

    Remember that little phrase we often hear, then snicker?
    When you hear someone representing a major college or the NCAA using that term, you had better be sure to notice that emphasis on the “student” half of the equation and forget that those student-athletes play weeknight games at 9:30 and are flown across the country, regardless of location, all for a good matchup in March Madness.
    And, heaven forbid if you ever call out the hypocrisy and call those guys participating in sports at the highest level “players.”

  • PHOTOS: Teaching and learning...
  • Bears honor seniors, win 11 of 12

    The Spencer County Baseball Bears honored their seniors last week as they ended their regular season and prepared for the postseason. Seniors, from left, are Ben Whiteley, Michael Vuick, Todd Clemens, Ros Goodwin, Hunter Herring, Tyler Jamison, Jordan Johnson and Calvin Vannatta.

  • COLUMN: Lady Bears move on in...

    The Spencer County Lady Bears beat the rain and their first round opponent in the 30th District tournament Monday night when they completed a 7-1 victory over Shelby County just minutes before a storm dumped buckets of rain onto the field, postponing the second game of the tournament.

  • COLUMN: Celebrating moments from...

    “Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments,” Rose Kennedy said.
    Which leaves us to ask, which is which? I suggest milestones are for quiet reflection, moments are replay-worthy now-and-then.
    This week, a bit of self indulgence in moments. Forty years worth.
    You may turn the page now, or not.

  • Spring practice wraps up with...

    Football season is still months away, but the Spencer County Bears gave fans a preview of the 2012 season with an intrasquad scrimmage Friday night at the high school. Wrapping up their spring practice season, coach Mike Marksbury’s squad took to the field and showed some flashes of promise.

  • COLUMN: Moms make the sports...

    Last week, cards were mailed, flowers were sent and families traveled as Americans paused to celebrate and honor mom. She’s a deserving woman who helps make our house a home with love and hard work. If anyone deserves a special day, it’s mom.

  • COLUMN: Sports — a newspaper’s...

    Sometimes, I push myself to write a column that has a beginning, middle and end, which I hope, without getting cocky, someone might like to read.
    That’s hard work, too. It requires dedication. It requires concentration.
    It requires getting in touch with my muse, who is not always reachable by phone.
    – San Francisco Business Times by Steve Symanovich

    Not reachable by tweet, twix or email, doesn’t work for me either.

  • COLUMN: Shaq attacks PhD.; No IU...

    “Life is painting a picture, not creating a sum (of money).”

    – Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.


    A bit of Holmes’ wisdom sets a rhythm for a post-Derby week, right?

    First, college graduation. Photo from Lexington. Darius Miller and Eloy Vargas in cap and gown. Young men prepared to paint the next grid on life’s picture. We are especially hopeful for Miller. Man’s knack for making good impressions and good decisions and right place, right time, look promising.