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  • Bears Baseball 2012 Schedule

    3/22    Bullitt Central    Away    5 p.m.
    3/24    North Hardin    Away    11 a.m.
    3/24    Adair County        Noon
    3/26    North Oldham    Home    5:30 p.m.
    3/29    Western Hills    Home    5:30 p.m.
    3/31    Trimble County    Away    Noon

  • Lady Bears Softball 2012 Schedule

    3/22     Nelson County     Away     5:30 p.m.    
    3/27     Bullitt East     Away     5:30 p.m.    
    3/29     Bullitt Central     Home     TBA
    4/2     Trimble County     Away     5:30 p.m.    
    4/3     Shelby County     Away     5:30 p.m.

  • COLUMN: Scribbles from a Big...

    Notes scribbled during CBS television’s paid programming marathon, could make a Tolstoy tome.
    Strip away the mind-numbing stops, and we can still recognize the Big Dance.
    1. Televised basketball’s timeout rule: one at the first dead ball after four minute intervals beyond 16 minutes, then the 12-minute mark, then eight- and four-minute marks each half.
    Add a coach’s strategy to call a timeout just before each TV stop, and add that the first 30-second team timeout of the second half is expanded to a television time-out.

  • COLUMN: Madness in March:...

    How’s your bracket?
    Following the first week of the NCAA tournament, that’s a Monday morning question that’s as common as “Decaf or regular?”  For most people, the reply is accompanied by a groan, a shake of the head, and a grumpy attitude usually reserved for someone waiting for that first cup of coffee.

  • COLUMN: Kentuckiana — college...

    March Madness is here and it’s like a holiday for basketball fans in Kentuckiana. The field of 68 was announced Sunday evening and regardless of what color hat you wear, there’s a likely a team for you to root for.
    Forget about Tobacco Road. We live in college basketball’s Mecca and a quick scan of a map will reveal just how prominent and dominant basketball is in this area. Take Louisville, circle a 200-mile radius around the area and look how many teams are in the NCAA field are located within.

  • Spencer County teams battle for...

    Two Spencer County youth soccer teams recently battled for the championship of the River City Indoor Soccer League.

    The league consisted of teams from all over Kentucky and Southern Indiana.
    The Blaze won the championship against the Venomous Crew “in a battle in which all players left everything they had on the field,” according to a news release.
    Both teams represented Spencer County well during the regular season and tournament, said Venomous Crew Coach Andy Mallory.

  • COLUMN: Bring out the oohs and...

    Best three weeks in sports? Roll out the jargon: Big dance ... bracketology ... good draw-bad draw ... “we wuz robbed” ... one to another Final Four and One Shining Moment punctuation.
    Bonus? The Bluegrass State is so near the middle of it all, we can hear the heartbeats. Heck, we are the heartbeat.

  • KHSAA to add bass fishing...

    Kentucky’s lakes, rivers and streams have always been a haven for anglers and record-breaking catches. Starting with the 2012-13 school year, young anglers will have a chance to win something more — a high school state championship.

  • COLUMN: Sports can bring...

    March came roaring in like a lion with the recent outbreak of severe weather that claimed dozens of lives in Kentucky and Indiana.

  • COLUMN: UK by a furlong, but a...

    A Churchill Downs stretch run measure for Kansas, Syracuse, North Carolina and Kentucky at mid-March?
    Kentucky. A furlong back is Syracuse with North Carolina “thisclose.”
    A length-and-a-half back is Kansas, a neck in front of Ohio State and Michigan State.
    Transition defense aside, Kentucky’s play at Florida on Sunday was surgical, college hoops at its finest.