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  • COLUMN: Thankful for family,...

    As we sit down later this week to feast on turkey and football, let us also take time to give thanks. On a serious note, the things for which we are thankful should include our families and our freedoms. But since this is a sports column, here are some things I’m thankful for this year:

  • Blue/white scrimmage

    High school basketball season tips off in Kentucky next week and Spencer County fans got a glimpse of their teams last Wednesday during the annual Blue-White night at the high school.

  • COLUMN: Thanksgiving week in...

    Over the bridge and through the woods,
    let us dawdle a bit and savor the good.

    Over the bridge and through the woods,
    Recall aroma and voices of good old times.
    Hear again the sing-song twang of Gra’ma’s rhymes.

    Over the bridge and on to our Home Place,
    Thanksgiving in America, I love this place!

    This week, events and people in sports for which I am grateful, along with relief to know I don’t depend on poetry for a living.

  • PHOTO: Runners-up

    The Spencer County Strikers U-14 team finished second in the Commonwealth Tournament last weekend in Bardstown.

  • PHOTO: District honors

    Allie Stevens and Hannah Jaggers were recognized during the final district 16 soccer game for making the all-tournament team.

  • ‘Footie Chicks’ bring home...

    The girls in pink made a name for themselves, and not just in Kentucky.

  • Bears bow out of playoffs

    The Spencer County Bears bowed out of the playoffs Friday night with a 33-14 loss to Collins at Shelby County, but the 2011 team built a solid foundation for a program on the rise.

  • ‘Fun Day,’ tourney end soccer...

    The fall soccer season officially ended Oct. 9 for the U6/U8 divisions.

  • COLUMN: Hapless UK surrenders to...

    Darkest corner in college football this side of (un)Happy Valley, Penn., this week? Lexington.
    Much as Rich Brooks was a “Crucify him!” target near the end of his second season at Kentucky in 2004, Joker Phillips is hearing the mean howls from that constituency in Big Blue Nation. This week, the cacophony is louder, longer and makes Phillips’ job pushing the boulder up the hill, harder.

  • COLUMN: Kentuckians carved...

    Many heroes have lived before; a
    multitude are unknown,
    unwept over and forgotten
    in everlasting night,
    for want of a spirited chronicler
    to chisel their deeds in stone.
    – Horace (modified)

    Beyond Breeder’s Cup trumpets, LSU bruising ‘Bama and Arkansas’ ambush on the Ball Coach, there was history at home last week. Football in the commonwealth made for a weighty list of milestones and heroes, too.