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  • Teen named to tourney team
  • Who says you can’t go home again?

    Who says you can’t go home again?
    LeBron James is hoping to prove that old adage wrong with his announced return to Cleveland and his native northern Ohio.
    Not quite as dramatic as his televised “decision” a few years ago when he had the collective sports world holding its breath as he announced where he was taking his basketball talents, this announcement was a bit more low key in production.

  • Summer ball buzz in Bluegrass

    July through August in Kentucky is keep-the-pot-boiling time for basketball fans.
    Around Louisville, Cardinal buzz – Russ Smith has signed an NBA contract. .... And, college basketball’s premier coach, Mike Krzyzewski weighed in. “Louisville brings the ACC a great brand. This is one that will make headlines in business journals.”

  • New coach to focus on basics


  • COLUMN: Following rules...

    If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’. So goes the mantra that’s been repeated in many a NASCAR garage as pit crews have tried to wrench their way to the tiniest advantage. For many, a checkered flag seems to justify a checkered image.
    But it’s not just racing where shenanagins have been used for a competitive edge in the sporting world. I’m not sure if any game is immune to those who try to cut corners, bend the rules, skirt the system, or just blatantly cheat to get ahead.

  • Erico Smith hosts skills camp


    Former Spencer County Bears track and football star Erico Smith worked out with local kids recently at Spencer County Stallions field. Smith, who now plays football and runs track for the University of Kentucky, teamed up with some of his current teammates to hold running and fitness training classes for local kids.
    The first event turned out to be a challenging day for these young athletes. Classes are held at the Stallions football field at 100 Water Street in Taylorsville. Classes are open to all ages. Smith will hold two more sessions the 12th and 19th.

  • COLUMN: Louisville to ACC is the...

    University of Louisville’s entry to the Atlantic Coast Conference last week is, I think, the most important sports story of the new millennium in Kentuckiana.
    Among the high, if least mentioned, positives: Economic impact possibilities regionally; and, the nearest NBA franchise will remain at a distance, Indianapolis.
    New league, new television option for fans, new everything. Included, Rick Pitino spin/coach-speak.
    “Rick Pitino could charm the gold out of your teeth and not even leave you a toothache,” a friend said awhile ago.

  • COLUMN: Soccer, a fad for...

    We are a nation of fads. In my childhood, I witnessed senseless trends like disco music, mood rings and bell bottom jeans. In my teens, America endured big hair and big hair bands. I watched otherwise sensible people become enamored with punk rock, Swatches and the mystery of Who Shot J.R.?

  • Anglers reel in winners at...


  • Bears participate in College...


    Five Spencer County Bears Baseball Players participated in Prep Baseball Reports College Showcase at Western Kentucky University on July 18. All five players are incoming  juniors and have a goal of playing college baseball after high school. Pictured left to right: Brandon West, Blake Lambdin, Noah Dockery, Avery Vannatta and Jacob Cole.