en Hopefully the circus has finally left town <p> Opinion: From our readers 12 24 14 <p> Remember those<br /> fighting for our<br /> freedoms</p> Jones case outlines concerns for future <p> Support local small businesses <p> Being an integral part of the community <p> Last Wednesday the staff of the Spencer Magnet took to the street, so to speak, with our kiosk at the Country Mart in Taylorsville.<br /> Every year we hosts kiosks in order to show new subscribers what the Spencer Magnet has to offer. It is always great to make new friends, and of course to see old friends.<br /> This season take a lesson from the Grinch <p> Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it is, for most of us, the Christmas season.<br /> While we all acknowledge it at different times &ndash; some barely waiting for the dishes to be cleared from Thanksgiving dinner, if they even make it that long, and others not putting up a tree or singing carols until Christmas Eve &mdash; it&rsquo;s coming.<br /> Of polls and community activities <p> Regular readers of the Spencer Magnet know that every two weeks we put up a new online poll for readers to share their thoughts with us online. This week, for instance, a new question has been added for your consideration.<br /> Our polls are primarily provided for the entertainment of our readers and we attach no scientific validity to the results of our poll. That being said we always find the poll results interesting and many times they are actually fairly accurate regarding the outcome of certain activities.<br /> Opinion: From our readers 11 26 14 <p> Reader wants<br /> politicians to bury the hatchet<br /> Now that the 2014 elections are over, I feel it is appropriate for us to reflect on the accomplishments of our current County Judge Executive Bill Karrer. Judge Karrer has been bashed and ridiculed from several sides during this election process, many of those comments being either false or over stated. He took over his responsibilities during a difficult time in 2010. A time when our elected officials had allowed the infrastructure of the county to deteriorate in many key areas.<br />