en Ruling settles little <p> More than four decades ago, seven justices of the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that abortion was the law of the land. Two dissented. The battle is not over.</p> From our readers: Southern culture is honorable <p> Levee work can’t wait <p> There are two very real dangers posing a threat to Taylorsville. One is a devastating flood. The other is continued inaction by local leaders.</p> What does that flag mean? <p> When I was younger, I had a Confederate flag license plate on the front of my car. It was a 1974 Mustang that I paid $500 for and I used that car to deliver pizzas, drive to school, to church and it took me everywhere I needed to go.</p> <p> The flag had nothing to do with my attitude towards people of other races. Although admittedly, it may have had something to do with my attitude toward people who looked down their noses at anyone who lived in the country or in the south.</p> From our readers:Who is The Government? <p> America is in need of dads <p> This Sunday is Father&rsquo;s Day and many dads will be enjoying spending time with their kids, sharing dinner and opening gifts. Sadly, many won&rsquo;t.</p> <p> The phone companies used to report that Mother&rsquo;s Day was one of the busiest days of the season as children made sure to call home and talk to mom. Florists and card shops also do a brisk business on that Sunday in May that honors the women in our lives.</p> <p> However, Father&rsquo;s Day for many is an afterthought. Unfortunately, for many men, fatherhood is an afterthought.</p> Spend road money on highway repairs <p> At a recent House Rules committee hearing, one of my colleagues from New York declared that the potholes in the roads in her district are so bad, &ldquo;you can lose your car in them.&rdquo; Kentuckians and Americans from all over the country agree. It is long past time that something was done to address the deplorable state of the highways and infrastructure in this country.</p> From our readers: Apologies, budgets and floodwalls <p> First, I need to apologize to Jerry Davis and Mike Moody for not acknowledging their efforts to control the spending of fiscal court during Bill Karrer&rsquo;s administration. Sorry about that fellows. Also, from time to time, David Goodlett and Hobert Judd protested some of the expenditures, but spending was still high. That leaves the big spender that supported Bill Karrer.</p>