en Congratulations to the Fair Board for a job well done <p> <br /> The Spencer County Fair has come and gone and we have made a few observations regarding the event. First it should be said that fair volunteers put in hours of work to prepare each and every event enjoyed by fair goers this week. Many times this week, staff with The Spencer Magnet witnessed volunteers running from one event to the next to make sure things went as smoothly as possible. The diligence and sacrifice of these individuals was very impressive.<br /> LETTER: Keep KSP as dispatch services provider <p> Higdon pre-files ‘Look Before you Lock’ bill <p> by Senator Jimmy Higdon</p> Updates on the interim session <p> by Sen. Jimmy Higdon</p> KSP sticks by its guns on 911 <p> Another week, another discussion regarding that pesky 911 services contract with the Kentucky State Police. This time the meeting was held in the city hall annex with representatives from the city, county and 911 commission present.<br /> Once again politics reared its ugly head and participants argued over whether or not to stick with KSP or go a different route. Members of the 911 commission were annoyed that their voice was being drowned out by what Taylorsville-Spencer County Fire Chief Nathan Nation said was in essence the loud bellowing of one solitary person.<br /> Updates on the interim session <p> Sen. Jimmy Higdon</p> Opinion: From our readers 7 16 <p> Border must be<br /> protected</p> Here we go again on county 911 contract <p> Just when we thought we had a nice new contract with the Kentucky State Police, the Spencer County Fiscal Court pulls the rug out from under us.<br /> For the last several months there had been an ongoing debate regarding whether the county should continue using the Kentucky State Police for its dispatching services or whether it should bid the contract out in the hopes of getting a lower bid.<br />