2015 portraits of business success

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Give them a chance–they have earned our business

By Lynette Mason


Dozens of hours were spent in local businesses over the past few weeks working to put together the Business Profiles countywide edition you hold in your hands today. So much has been learned about the hundreds of faces behind these local businesses, whether business owners or employees. If you venture to take a look, you might be surprised at what you’d find here.

Does Spencer County offer the products and services we need? More often than not, the answer is, yes.

Consider our basic needs and how we get those needs met. Let’s contemplate the needs of most adults and then try to match those needs with the products and services offered locally.

We all want shelter over our heads, so let’s start with housing. Do you want to rent an apartment or own a house? If you’re looking to rent, just look through our classified ads for available rentals. If you are looking to purchase a home, or to see if you would even qualify for a loan to purchase a home, look no further than right here in our community. We have several qualified realtors who list numerous homes in the Spencer County area and many are highlighted in this edition, as are many of the properties they have listed. They would love to help you find the perfect place to call home.

Next you might ask, how can I pay for this home, where can I find adequate insurance, or how can I work through the process to get the legal work prepared to close on the home? Look closely, there are several local banks, insurance companies and attorneys who would love to earn your business. They have been here for years and they will earn your trust. They’ve earned mine.

How about healthcare needs? Do we have providers locally to care for us? In most instances, the short answer is, yes. Adults have the option, in this county, to visit a qualified physician or medical care facility. There may be a shortage of medical providers, so let’s support the ones we do have and perhaps they will find an opportunity to grow and bring more providers in. Or, if you have children, there is a new pediatrician located right here in town. After your visit, if the doctor has prescribed medications or other essentials, we have two good pharmacies here that are eager to serve you.

Need to see a good dentist or do you have a pet that needs to see a caring and qualified veterinarian? What about a qualified and highly skilled physical therapist? They are here, too. Take a few minutes to read their stories and get to know them better. If you wake up in the middle of the night with a toothache, body aches, or if your pet suddenly falls ill, you’ll be glad they’re here. I know that I’m glad they’re here.

Food and fuel are two other important essentials, wouldn’t you agree? We are very fortunate to have a full service grocery store, several restaurants, and numerous filling stations, and even a farmer’s market located right here in Spencer County. The local grocery stocks all types of foods and products that we need to fuel our bodies and the restaurants and farmer’s market offer good quality foods and excellent service. These places also employ dozens of your friends and neighbors. It’s nice to walk into a grocery store or a local restaurant and get personal and friendly service and to be welcomed by name when you walk in the front door.

What about our children, you might ask? Are you looking for a childcare facility that is tops in the business? How about a quality private school or a locally owned gymnastics studio? Read their stories and look at their ads inside. These people love their work and they love the kids they teach and watch over. I would be very comfortable trusting them with my child. Perhaps you would, too.

Recently, I made it a goal to purchase all of my gifts for various functions, holidays, or charitable giving here locally. I wasn’t sure if I could find everything I needed, but for the most part, I could. Besides all the businesses mentioned above, there is so much more. There are antique stores, a florist, a few gift shops, a couple of computer and electronics stores, a toy store, and much more that are located within a couple of miles from us.

Please consider making it a priority to shop at home. Keep in mind as you do, that these are the same people that live in your neighborhoods, attend local schools and churches, and they’re the ones who are supportive of most all of the community events held here each year. These people love our community and they show it by giving back to the community over and over again. Give them a chance–they have earned our business.