Agriculture - Dairy show results

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The 2016 Spencer County Fair Dairy Show was held July 22 at the Spencer County Fairgrounds. Kim Knasel served as the judge.

Intermediate 4-H Showmanship: Jackson Baird, first. Kelly Baird, second. Haley Butler, third.

Junior 4-H Showmanship: Shelby Butler, first. Sadie Janisko, second.

Novice Showmanship: Evan Butler.

Supreme Showman: Jackson Baird.

Jersey Division, Heifer Classes

Junior Calf: Shelby Butler, first. Evan Butler, second. Sadie Janisko, third.

Intermediate Calf: Kelly Baird, first. Jack Baird, second. Haley Butler, third.

Senior Calf:    Shelby Butler, first.

Summer Yearling: Kelly Baird, first.

Intermediate Yearling: Kelly Baird, first. Jack Baird, second.

Senior Yearling: Haley Butler. first.

Junior Champion: Kelly Baird, Summer Yearling.

Reserve Junior Champion: Shelby Butler, Senior Calf

Cow Classes

Senior Two Year Old: Shelby Butler, first.

Senior Three Year Old: Haley Butler, first.

Senior Champion, Supreme Champion Female: Shelby Butler, Senior 3-year-old.

Great job by all of the participants. Best of luck showing at the Kentucky State Fair in August.