Agriculture - Kentucky Volunteer Forum

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Spencer County 4-H was well represented at the Kentucky Volunteer Forum in Lexington Feb. 11-13. Tim Brewer, Darilyn Browning, Kim Hanik, Lilli Hanik and Patrick Rood all led workshops for volunteers across the state. Lilli Hanik performed with the 4-H Performing Arts Troupe at the banquet on Saturday. Patrick Rood represented the Kentucky Shooting Sports Teen Ambassador Board as well as Spencer County during the weekend event.
Rachel Brewer, Tim Brewer, Kim Hanik, Lilli Hanik, John Hanik, Connie Jeffiers, Shiori Nate, Tim Oates, Patrick Rood, Tonya Tucker and Mollie Tichenor all attended the 2016 Kentucky Volunteer Forum.

Congratulations to the award winners from Spencer County. Tim Brewer was named one of the outstanding shooting sports volunteers for the state of Kentucky. Connie Jeffiers was named honorable mention for the livestock volunteers in Kentucky.