Agriculture - Rabbit show results

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The Spencer County Fair Rabbit show was held on Thursday, July 21. Michaela Rock served as the judge.

In the novice showmanship class, Adam Pietz took home first.

In the junior showmanship class, Erica Goodlett placed first. Also participating in this class were Justin Pietz, Chloe Smith, Jillian Dunning, Luke Brewer, Stephanie Panter, Taylor Goodlett, Connor Goodlett and Baylee Todd.

In the senior showmanship class, Noah Dunning placed first. Gabi Deetch and Kelly Herndon also participated.

Noah Dunning received the honor of Supreme Rabbit Showman, and Erica Goodlett received Reserve Rabbit Showman.

Rabbit Classes:

Britannia Petite: Best of Breed, Gabi Deetch – Class 3, Reserve Best of Breed: Gabi Deetch – Class 1.

Dwarf Hotot: Best of Breed, Jillian Dunning.

Holland Lop: Best of Breed, Chloe Smith – Class 7, Reserve Best of Breed: Kelly Herndon – Class 6.

Other exhibitors with Holland Lops: Jillian Dunning and Erica Goodlett.

Himalayan: Best of Breed, Noah Dunning.

Mixed Breed: Best of Breed, Stephanie Panter – Class 10, Reserve Best of Breed, Stephanie Panter – Class 9.

Mini Lop: Best of Breed, Baylee Todd.

Mini Rex: Best of Breed, Taylor Goodlett – Class 11, Reserve Best of Breed: Justin Pietz – Class 12.

Other exhibitors with Mini Rex: Connor Goodlett.

French Lop: Best of Breed, Luke Brewer.

New Zealand: Best of Breed, Erica Goodlett.

Palomino: Best of Breed, Noah Dunning – Class 17, Reserve Best of Breed: Jillian Dunning – Class 16.

Other exhibitors with a Palomino: Adam Pietz.

Best of Class 4: Gabi Deetch with her Britannia Petite.

Best of Class 6: Noah Dunning with his Palomino.

Best of Show went to Gabi Deetch, and Reserve Best of Show went to Noah Dunning.

Congratulations to all of the winners. Best of luck at the Kentucky State Fair in August.