BBB: Don't fall for 'free' airline ticket scam

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By The Staff

The Better Business Bureau is warning citizens not to fall for a scam claiming they are the recipient of free airline tickets.

"Consumers across the country are receiving mailings indicating that they have won two round-trip tickets from US Airlines. Another similar letter indicates that one can redeem a travel voucher for two round-trip, airline tickets," according to a news release from the BBB. "This letter also contains what appears to be a check but says 'Must Be Redeemed for travel certificate,' near the bottom."

Anyone who receives these mailings is advised that no such company exists. There is no US Airlines, but instead a US Airways.

"These letters are gimmicks," the news release said. "Should you receive one, report it to the Federal Communications Commission for false advertising. Since US Airlines does not exist, it would be nice to know who this company really is, why they are 'supposedly' giving out travel vouchers, and what the catch is."