Community needs your ideas

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Wednesday morning, my wife and I are boarding a jet and taking a trip to see her sister in Seattle, Washington. I’ve never been west of Dallas, so I’m really looking forward to experiencing a region of America I’ve only seen in pictures.

Visiting new places can be fascinating and just like people, places only get one shot to make a first impression, fair or not. So, from the moment we land, I’ll be taking in new sights, seeing new people and viewing a slightly different culture than I’m used to.

That makes me wonder, however, what kind of impression do we leave visitors who pass through Spencer County?

I do know that the visual experience in downtown Taylorsville is much more pleasing in recent years since the Main Street improvements. The new schools, and the renovation at Spencer County High School have helped as well.

Unlike Hollywood sets, where fake facades cast a deceiving image of a make-believe town, more often than not, we are as we appear. If Spencer County is a place where people enjoy living, then that’s the image that will be presented.

The question is, do people like living here? We know people like sleeping in this county - but is that all we’re good for?

It’s no secret Spencer County is a bedroom community, as a large majority of our residents travel to and from Louisville to work. But it’s amazing the number of people we run into in Spencer County, especially those in the northern and western parts of the county, who rarely, if ever, venture into downtown Taylorsville.
We meet people from time to time who are unaware that Spencer County has a newspaper or that Spencer County has a public library. They are shocked to learn that there’s a county fair every summer or festivals downtown throughout the year.

The City of Taylorsville has embarked on a Strategic Planning initiative through the Kentucky League of Cities that will address the future of this community, and one area of concern is the need to get more people involved.

There are extremely talented people, both native-born and transplants, living in Spencer County. Their talents and gifts should be used to help make Spencer County the best it can be. The challenge will be to attract them to this effort.

If you’re a long-time resident of Spencer County, I’d urge you to get involved in this effort as a chance to show your pride in your hometown. If you’re new here, this is an opportunity to gain a sense of belonging.

Spencer County and Taylorsville really do have a lot of potential. It’s a beautiful county where rural charm is bolstered by close proximity to metropolitan opportunities.

But, before we can sell our community to others, we have to convince ourselves that this is really a great place to call home.

So, if you’ve got ideas or suggestions on how to make this community stand out, don’t keep them to yourselves. Watch for the coming announcement of the first Strategic Planning public meeting.

How wonderful it would be if that first meeting attracted a full house of interested citizens. I can’t think of a better first impression than eager involvement.