Consider shopping local first

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By John Shindlebower


I’ve often described Spencer County to friends and relatives who live elsewhere, as having the best of both worlds. It offers up the beauty and serenity of living in the country, while being close to a large metropolitan area that offers so much in terms of shopping, dining out and entertainment.

However, that drive to Louisville is not always pleasant, is certainly not always cheap, and is not always convenient. Over time, I’ve discovered that there’s a whole lot more available right here in Spencer County than I had ever imagined.

That became evident for my wife and I a little over a month ago when we decided to take the plunge and put in an above ground pool at our home. We had talked about it for a while, and one day while we were in Louisville, we stopped by some pool businesses to check out styles and prices. We visited a few places that advertised on television and got a decent amount of information on how much we could expect to spend.

A couple of days later, I walked into Taylorsville Pools, a local business that’s been open for several years, and with whom we had purchased a pool previously for our former home. Owner Jim Kannapel recognized me when I walked in the door, and quickly shared with me prices and options.

Not only did he have the best price, but it was satisfying knowing that our money was going to be spent locally. The pool we selected was cheaper locally than any place we had seen in Louisville, and the service after the sale was equally impressive.

A couple of days after buying the pool, Jim called and said the model I had selected was currently not available, so he bumped me up to a little nicer model at no extra charge. A couple of days later, he was at the front door of the house, just making sure the pool had been delivered and asking if I had found someone to do the installation.

Had my dad still been alive, the deck could have been a family project. He once started on a deck in his back yard and by the time he finished, no longer needed a lawn mower. I didn’t need anything that extensive, but I still needed someone much more accomplished in that type of work than myself.

I saw some ads, phoned a few and actually had a quote from a Louisville contractor whose bid was so high I assume it was his way of telling me he didn’t want the job and didn’t even want to hear back from me. He didn’t.

After a query on Facebook, I got the name of Jeremy Barnes in Mt. Eden. He came out, looked at the pool and listened to what we were wanting, and gave us a very reasonable bid. When he was finished, we were more than pleased. It was exactly what we were hoping for. He did a fantastic job at a reasonable price. Barely a trace of construction material remained when he left and we couldn’t have been happier. Once again, utilizing local businesses and services paid off in both price and customer satisfaction.

The point is, the best deals and the best work aren’t necessarily found in the big city. Sometimes they’re right here in your hometown. We often take for granted what we have here, but it’s time to appreciate our local businesses, which are owned and operated by our neighbors.

In the following pages, you’ll see many examples of local people who have put their skills, hard work and passion to work to build a better life for themselves and their neighbors. They’ve risked a lot simply by opening their doors and hoping that you’ll walk through and give them a chance.

For many, they have a proven track record of decades or even longer. Others are relatively new. Each however, unlocks that door each morning with a fresh desire to prove they can offer the best service, selection and professionalism possible, and all with a knowledge that you’re not just a customer, but a friend.

So whether it’s filling your gas tank, grabbing a bite to eat, or making a more major purchase or securing someone for a large project – consider looking local first. You may be surprised by what our community has to offer. Chances are, you’ll also be very pleased.