Covering your community for 150 years

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One hundred and fifty years ago, Spencer County and the rest of the United States was attempting to heal from a civil war that divided a nation, communities and even families.

Andrew Johnson was president, having assumed office following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Westward expansion continued as Nebraska became the 37th state and more and more American Indian tribes were surrendering and relocating to reservations in Oklahoma and other locations. In that same year, the United States purchased a large tract of land called Alaska for the bargain sum of $7.2 million.

Here in Taylorsville, a Confederate veteran by the name of William T. Burton, who was also an attorney, published the first edition of the Spencer Journal. Over the span of 15 decades, that publication has since evolved into the very newspaper you are reading right now.

The Spencer Magnet has been known by a few different names, has had a number of different owners, but seemingly has always had the same mission - to keep the people of Taylorsville and Spencer County abreast of the local news and information that is important to them.

The newspaper has survived hard times. There have been depressions and recessions, wars, conflicts and turmoil both here at home and abroad. There have been floods, blizzards, ice storms, tornadoes and droughts, and yet the paper has survived and has chronicled the history of our community ever since.

Throughout this year, the Magnet hopes to celebrate 150 years in this community by remembering where we’ve been, what we’ve seen, who we’ve covered and who we’ve reached.

We’d love to hear from our readers about how the newspaper has impacted you. Perhaps you have an old copy of the Magnet from 60, 70, 80 years ago. We’d love to see it. Be watching the Spencer Magnet  during the rest of 2017 for memories that only your hometown newspaper has recorded.