EDITORIAL: Thanks for making forum a success

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Last Thursday’s city commission candidate forum went off without a hitch, and we couldn’t be more thankful.
Our staff, along with the Chamber of Commerce board of directors, put a lot of time and effort into coordinating Thursday’s forum, but we couldn’t have made it happen without you — the citizens and the candidates who attended.
Thursday was a model night of how, in an ideal world, elected officials would cooperate, collaborate and, let’s just say it, get along.
Each of the city commission candidates came prepared to answer the questions that had been published in the newspaper. They respected the time limits and respected each other enough to listen to each other’s responses. So thanks, to all six of you, for your effort and time put into making the forum a success.
But also, thank you to you — the citizens and readers who attended. Though the crowd was “small” in the eyes of some, we were pleased with the turnout. It takes a lot to get 65 people together for anything these days. And thanks to those of you who submitted questions, and still more of you who are reading about the forum in today’s paper to become educated and informed voters.
But please don’t let it stop there. Tuesday is election day, and not only will you be electing a new commission, but a multitude of races await voters on the ballot including the president of the United States.
Please exercise your right to choose who runs your country, state and local governments by voting on Tuesday.
For more, check out our special B section today, which features more election and candidate information.