Education - Ready for a new year

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Now that we have completed the projects of summer, experienced vacation memories with family, and enjoyed simple pleasures such as basking beside a pool or fishing from the lake, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to another exciting year of teaching and learning in Spencer County Schools.

Teachers are busy organizing classrooms and planning lessons, while administrators are addressing last-minute preparations in eager anticipation of receiving children on August 10th.  

We are once again anticipating an outstanding year of educational experiences as the focus has been narrowed to creating an environment that will address various 21st Century Skills to enhance College and/or Career Readiness.  As recent advancements in College and Career Readiness data suggests, student achievement and academic initiatives designed to assist our students in maximizing their learning potential is rapidly becoming the norm rather than the exception in our schools.  

Recognizing the value of creating and maintaining a culture of excellence, a supportive Board of Education behind the leadership of officers Debbie Herndon (chair) and Janet Bonham (vice-chair) provides community insight and direction while expecting accountability as we provide unique learning experiences for each of our 3,000 students.  

With student interest and individualized learning paving the way to innovation and career development, Spencer County Schools is committed to serving the children of our community with a variety of learning opportunities.  

As we begin the 2016-2017 school year, we welcome several new teachers and support staff to the district.  Highlighted by the change in leadership at Spencer County Elementary School is experienced and successful elementary principal, Leah Hardin joining our leadership ranks from Nelson County.  Former elementary principal Mark Thomas decided to remain with us in Spencer County as the new Director of Operations replacing Brett Beaverson, who retired on July 30th.  Given the quality of our new hires, along with the quality and experience of the returning staff, it is evident to see why Spencer County Schools continue to be a destination for families outside our district as enrollment continues to increase along with the academic and athletic performance of our schools.

In closing, allow me to take a moment to reiterate the importance of establishing and fostering genuine relationships with those we serve on a daily basis.  As a direct result of the emphasis placed on providing a nurturing environment conducive to student success, Spencer County Schools has shown vast improvements through the years due to the commitment of a magnificent teaching and support staff who strives to “Go the Distance for ALL Students.”  

The educational landscape of Spencer County Schools appears to be a model for other regional districts as a result of your efforts, as well as the efforts of our parents, volunteers, and supportive community in which we serve.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the children of Spencer County in this capacity as we strive to make continual and dramatic progress in the quality of education afforded to each and every student of Spencer County Schools! God bless, and best of luck on a productive year!

Chuck Adams,