Elk Creek Realty - Helping sell the community, multiple listings at a time.

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Address: 6287 Taylorsville Road, #2 Fisherville, KY, 40023
Phone: 502-477-6561
Website: www.elkcreekrealty.com

For a number of years, Spencer County was the fastest growing county in the state of Kentucky and one of the fastest growing in the entire nation. People looking for a little rural living close to the comforts of the city found exactly what they needed here.

Near the time that boom began, Bobby Smith opened up a small real estate office next to Elk Creek Restaurant.

Today, that agency is still going strong, surviving the ups and downs of the real estate market, but never forgetting their role in building and serving the community that they’ve long called home.

“We can’t get the country out of us,” said Jeanie Smith, Bobby’s wife, who is also an agent. Making it a truly family affair is son Brad Smith, along with Jeanie’s sister, Billie Williams, who also work as agents.

That consistency has been an advantage, said Billie. There are few people in the community who have a better understanding and knowledge of Spencer County, information that people looking to move here find invaluable.

The agents at Elk Creek Realty know the back roads and short cuts. They know about the schools, the community, the churches and the intangibles that are just as important to people as the home they’re looking at.

“We can help sell the community,” said Jeanie.

In fact, at Elk Creek Realty, it’s not just about selling a home, but selling prospective buyers on living here. That starts with friendly faces and helpful attitudes that are apparent the moment a client walks into the office or calls the agency.

“We don’t just want to be your agent, we want to be your friend,” said Jeanie. “We want to be your neighbor.”

Deeply involved in the community, the staff at Elk Creek Realty stay aware of events and circumstances that may impact the local market. They’re able to tell clients about the new elementary school that will break ground later this year. They’re aware of commercial developments near the Gene Snyder that adds convenience to Spencer County residents, as well as the new Outlet Shops of the Bluegrass in nearby Simpsonville.

It’s much more than just unlocking the front door and hoping the buyers like what they see. It’s presenting the complete package of home, neighborhood and community.

If you’re a buyer, you will need the expertise and helpfulness of agents like that. If you’re a seller, you’ll appreciate the time and attention they spend with those considering your property.

It’s also an agency with experience in preparing Spencer County for future growth. During the height of the growth, Jeanie said they realized the need for moderately-priced homes. Bobby Smith transformed a large track of land off Normandy Road into a development known as Watkins Glen, which continues to fill that void.

Within a few years of opening his agency, Smith saw the need for commercial development, and opened up the Elk Creek Business Park. Today, the complex has three buildings that house businesses ranging from a fitness center to dental care. Brad Smith said there’s potential for even more growth in the business park.

As indications point to an uptick in the economy, Elk Creek Realty is poised to handle another influx of people considering relocating to Spencer County.

“Things have picked up in the last year or so,” said Jeanie.

Billie wanted to clear up one misconception. While the address for the agency is in Fisherville, as are many homes and businesses in that part of the county, the office is located as the name applies. “We’re in the heart of Elk Creek.”