Fundraiser helps family with Haitian adoption

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by Bill Dunning


With a giving spirit, many gathered last Saturday to help a local family with a big goal. Chad and Wendy Goodlett, are getting closer to their dream of adopting a child from Haiti thanks to a fish fry fundraiser held to help them reach their dream. Chad is pastor at Taylorsville Community Church.
Reka Jewell, along with many fellow parishioners and friends of the community, worked hard to pull off the event. Jewell says the hard work was worth it.
“We love Chad and Wendy and this is our opportunity to not only give back to them but our way to do a outreach, in a way, to another country, Haiti.”
Pastor Goodlett has traveled several times to the country on mission trips and has seen first hand the countless number of orphans left with no families. Now his family has made it their mission to add to their own family, but not without the cost of time, emotion and money to make it happen.
Chad and Wendy have been in the process to adopt for a year and three months now. They have completed the extensive paperwork and classes necessary to prepare for such an undertaking.
“Haiti, unfortunately, is one of the hardest countries to adopt a child from, with the process taking three or more years to bring a child home,” commented Wendy. The hardest part now is waiting.
They are waiting to be matched to a girl aged 4 to 10. Their future daughter has a bedroom, even presents from holidays that pass before she gets to come home to Kentucky. This event is one more step that is helping the family get closer to adoption.
The process isn’t cheap, costing in the upwards of $35,000. For Wendy, this event is welcomed and appreciated.
“We are so humbled that our church and community would put on such a big and wonderful event for our family to be able to grow. The outpouring of our community is ridiculous. It’s so special.” said Goodlett.
Patty Hobb, the event coordinator, said over 150 items were also donated for a silent auction as well as a cake auction and music entertainment. As a mother who adopted a daughter from Guatemala, Hobb said her reasons for helping with the event were three fold.
“Not only is it important for us to give back to Chad, Wendy and their family, but it also is a calling by God for us as a community to help the orphans from Haiti and because I know firsthand about how important adoption is.”
The event has raised over $10,000 which brings the Goodlett family only a couple thousand dollars away from having the total amount for the adoption.