LETTER: ‘Let our elected officials take care of business’

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I am at a serious loss as I sit here and read about [the July 2] Fiscal Court meeting. Why is it that Lawrence Trageser continually has his nose in the wrong place. This man seems to have nothing better to do than to torment county officials. Why are we putting up with this?
Apparently this man has an issue with everything that goes on in Spencer County except the fire department at the moment. He seems to have befriended members of the department.
Every week there seems to be something else he has a problem with. Well, I for one say, Mr. Trageser, if you have so many issues with the county, why not move on down the road?
This man seems to be seeking attention from any kind of media.
Mr. Trageser, please let our elected officials take care of the business we elected them for and seek help for your feelings of inadequacy.

Vicky Raisor
Spencer County