LETTER: Angry with school board members

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By The Staff

This letter is in response to the cover story of last week’s Magnet in which Jack Conway found in favor of Sandy Clevenger about a closed meeting that the school board decided to have regarding Mr. Adams’ evaluation. I am very angry that members of our school board would even consider spending taxpayer money to appeal Jack Conway’s decision.

Ms. Clevenger filed her complaint independently without the use of school board money that is designated for our children. For the school board to take liberties with this money is appalling. If any member of the school board takes issue with Mr. Conway’s decision then they can spend their own money and appeal his decision independently.

The school board members are our public advocates. They are in their positions to speak for the citizens of Spencer County. If they want to spend taxpayer money to appeal this decision, they need the get the approval from the citizens of Spencer County. Let us decide how they spend the money designated for our kids. Spending “thousands of dollars to prove Ms. Clevenger wrong” is not in the best interest of our kids and they need to realize that.

If they are more interested in spending that money to appeal Mr. Conway’s decision, they are wrong. Our schools need teachers and supplies, not “decisions” from courts.

My opinion is that Ms. Clevenger wants our school board members to act as advocates for the citizens of this county and if she has to file a complaint with the Attorney General to get them to do so appropriately, then so be it.

I think that her intentions were good and in the best interest of the kids and the citizens of this county. It is not her decision or her “fault” if the school board deems it necessary and appropriate to spend money to “prove” her wrong.

We need to keep in mind how school board members handle this situation when it comes time to re-elect them. If they can’t keep the best interests of our kids in mind, they don’t deserve the priviledge of acting as our advocates.

Heather Peters