LETTER: Bears led by example

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As we stood on the Henry County gym floor humble in defeat searching for words to express our feelings to those heartbroken young players, I said, “Thanks for a great season. We love you and, man, what a ride we had.”
We were blessed with great young men playing their hearts out, great fans cheering their hearts out and a great community supporting us along the way with all their heart. Except for an ankle injury to one of the team leaders, we might have been cheering and playing in Rupp.
In these trying times, we need to pull together to take advantage of every opportunity to strengthen our community and enrich our lives. This being said, we have many other opportunities to support our local youth in sports and other endeavors.
As I stood on the gym floor looking around, I noticed the Bear fans had left far less trash than the other side and I thought to myself, a humble little old man with a garbage bag could be partly responsible for that difference without having said anything. To the ones who helped me pick up trash and the ones who will in the future, let me say thanks. We can follow the example of the Bears — we may not always win, but we can always be a class act.
To Logan Dunbar, Trey Wyatt and Konnor Barlow, you have set an example for all the Bears to follow. Thank you, thank you and thank you.
Bobby Smith