LETTER: Donations needed for military baseball event

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The Knights of Columbus of All Saints Catholic Church hit a “homerun” for our troops in Afghanistan by their generous donation to Guard Duty, Inc., to ship over to Afghanistan supplies for the “SFC Sammy – Chevy, Baseball and Apple Pie Event,” an all-American day of playing baseball, popcorn, peanuts, Cracker Jacks and apple pie for our combat troops.
The Knights financial aid will help ship to Afghanistan the ball equipment plus four cases of apple pies, two cases that were generously donated by a Taylorsville grocer.
This event is very much needed for a day to lift the spirits of the courageous young men and women who are serving at FOB Lagman, Afghanistan.
Guard Duty is still in need of used softball mitts, balls and bats that are in good condition for this event. FOB Lagman has suffered casualties recently and is in great need for a day of relaxation and a feeling of home.
Please check your garage, closets and shelves for unused ball equipment, and please donate to this very much needed cause to help our sons and daughters deployed in a faraway war-torn country.
If you do not have any ball equipment to donate, will you please send a card to them thanking them for their sacrifices and letting them know they are in your prayers?
Guard Duty will ship these items by the end of July, and you can still be part of this very important effort supporting our young men and women in combat.
Please call DJ at 502-442-5462 for more information or for pickup of your donated gloves, balls or bats.
You can send your cards and letters of support for these servicemen and women to:
“The SFC Sammy – Chevy, Baseball and Apple Pie Event”
c/o Guard Duty
PO Box 365
Taylorsville, Kentucky 40071
DJ Atkinson-Fee
Guard Duty