LETTER: Endorsement for John Riley

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By The Staff

I have known John Riley for eight years and have never met a man who is more qualified to serve in public office than he is. In the years before John was elected magistrate, he became active in virtually all aspects of the Spencer County community and government.

Since moving to Spencer County in 2003, he has an extensive record of showing up and being involved long before and far beyond his duties and responsibilities as magistrate. He has spent several years acquainting and educating himself as to the myriad of intricacies comprising the long list of issues and dynamics affecting Spencer County.

In his enthusiasm and dedication to the community and its citizens, John maintains a long record of attendance at Economic Development, Main Street Revitalization, Chamber of Commerce, Fiscal Court, Planning and Zoning, Horse Trails and State Park. This as well as tremendous state legislative involvement.

I had the opportunity to work with John in matters concerning Planning and Zoning and especially the Horse Trails Project.

I have experienced John educating himself and being involved and have noticed the absence of others who have declared themselves as candidates and wonder where they have been? While it seems to me that the other candidates are trying to play catch up, my perspective is that they are trying to go where John Riley has already been.

While John is running as a Republican, I have seen first-hand situations where he has readily extended himself and embraced a positive solution from across the aisle if the end result is the best thing for Spencer County.

I strongly endorse John Riley as a candidate for Judge Executive and feel that he is the best choice for Spencer County.

Louis E. Miller