LETTER: "Jenkins should resign"

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By The Staff

I notified Rep. Brad Montell in 2008, concerning loopholes I found in KRS 132.023 and .017. Better known as House Bill 44. These loopholes were directly related to the operation of any charter government. The loopholes pose an enormous threat to taxpayer's rights, afforded in House Bill 44. Montell and I quietly tried to resolve the threats in the 2009 legislative assembly, however, opposition was found. Who? Why?

Rep. Montell updated me at the end of the session, in his letter he said "To my surprise, however, both the Kentucky Association of Counties (KACo) and the League of Cities opposed the bill as well. KACo opposed it on the grounds that they wanted the ability to impose more taxes in the future at the local level. The League of Cities claimed to support the concept, but anything making the current law more attractive only served to hurt their cause, as they opposed any merger of governments under current law."

As it stands now, House Bill 44 wouldn't apply to charter governments, regardless of how the charter was prepared. Meaning those in charge within a charter government could rape taxpayers. Unless KRS 132.023 and .017 can be amended, charter government must be snuffed out, regardless of what is in its constitution, good or bad.

The vulgar truth is we, as Spencer County taxpayers, are paying dues to both KACo and the League of Cities to be in their organizations, only to have those same groups send thug lobbyists to Frankfort to oppose and/or change legislation aimed at protecting taxpayers.

David Jenkins, president of KACo in 2008, and currently on their board dealing with workers compensation issues, has been charged with spending nearly $20,000 on his KACo credit card, including meals, bars, casinos, strip clubs, and escorts. Fox 41 reported the strip club and escort charges were found to be legitimate purchases by the bank owning the credit card and KACo will be responsible for payment.

I was advised on July 21, 2009, the League of Cities has suspended the use of their credit cards to board members because strip club charges were also found on their bills. The most recent charge just last week in Las Vegas. I guess someone stole their card number? A lot of stealing is going on.

Magistrate Bill Drury stated in the Spencer Magnet, "the question of the money doesn't bother me." Really? Bill Drury, also is a KACo board member. The last time I checked a couple of years ago, Drury was the chairman of the Spencer County Administrative Code Board. The board determines policies, ethics, and standards for those workers and elected officials in Spencer County government. The coyote is guarding the hen house while in bed with the fox. Are you feeling warm and fuzzy yet?

I have been warning the taxpayers of Spencer County for years about their so called leaders. The lies, deception, corruption, arrogance, and now theft. Unfortunately, it feels good to say "I told you so!" Spencer County Judge David Jenkins should resign now. Well maybe not. Why start being honorable now?

Lawrence Trageser