LETTER: Level back yards aren’t safe gun ranges

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I want to qualify that I am not against gun ownership, at least by the mentally sane and responsible individual. I own guns myself, however, I do have a problem when neighbors spend hours upon hours target shooting and imposing extremely loud noise within close earshot.
This shooting usually entails unsafe (non-embankment) targets putting the public at risk. It is inconsiderate, annoying and frightening. This shooting takes place at various times of the day, mostly on weekends, and sometimes a good while after sunset.
I live in a development where many of the lots are a little more than five acres — this is hardly enough space to contain a bullet of a high-powered rifle or handgun. A 9 mm or 44 magnum can range 2,500 yards; a 30-06 rifle, 5,700 yards with an 800 feet per second impact; even a 22 caliber can travel 2,000 yards (more than a mile).
Not long ago, I was working around my barn and heard the close “pings” of ricocheting bullets and could barely contain my anger, but who wants to confront someone with a high-powered gun in his hands?
When this shooting takes place, I am afraid to work on the back of my property and usually don’t want to listen, or, be in closer range anyway. So for those of you who are shooting and imposing your noise on me and putting my safety in jeopardy, please consider my freedoms as well as yours as a responsible gun owner.
I have lived in the country most of my life where gun ownership is “a given,” where most folks hunt or use their guns to eliminate unwanted pests or suspected rabies carriers,etc. It is a rural/farm heritage. I now live in the “urban fringe” country where everyone wants to let their neighbors know that they own plenty of guns, and the guns are not necessarily for hunting game.
It’s fun to blast away because you can, and that’s one reason why people move to the country. I live in the country because I like the peace and quiet, enjoy raising livestock, gardening, etc., and possibly a safer and tranquil existence.
Please be considerate and think of the many people who live around you, who moved to the area to get away from the noise and recklessness. There are a number of safe and official public shooting ranges within a short distance of Taylorsville, and I would encourage gun enthusiasts to take advantage of them.
Joel LeGris