Local news matters

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Twice a year, we do a county-wide mailing of the Spencer Magnet. That means every address in the county receives a copy of our newspaper, whether you subscribe or not.

For many of you, receiving the Magnet is a weekly occurrence. You’ve grown accustomed to opening up your mailbox each week, then opening up the pages to find out what’s happening in your community.

For many others, you received this out of the blue and hopefully, will take the time to turn the pages. If you do, chances are there is something that will interest you or at least involve you.

For a couple of decades, there has been much written about the demise of newspapers. Certainly, in some of the large metropolitan areas, newspapers have continued to shrink in both size and influence, and some have even ceased to exist. In the large cities, there’s no shortage of radio and television stations to provide citizens with news, as well as the internet and social media.

Not so in Spencer County and in thousands of small communities like this across the nation. The community newspaper remains the best source for news and information.

Think about the last time you’ve seen Spencer County featured prominently in the Courier-Journal or Herald-Leader, the state’s two largest papers. Chances are, it may have been a while and it was probably not in a positive light.
Think about those times when you see a television news van parked in Taylorsville or elsewhere in the county. More often than not, it’s to report a tragedy, scandal or something negative.

While we cover those news items as well, we also want to share good news about what’s going on in our community. We want to share relevant news about events, decisions and debates that impact you on a daily basis.

To be involved, you must first be informed, and there’s simply not a better way to stay abreast of what’s going on in Spencer County than with the Spencer Magnet. We’ve been at this for nearly 150 years and our commitment to being the voice of the county is as strong now as it ever was.

Yes, we’ve even tried to embrace some of the newfangled technology. We’re on Facebook and we have a website that’s updated weekly and sometimes more often when there is breaking news.

But the bulk of our time and energy is still devoted to putting out this newspaper that you hold in your hand.

It’s encouraging to see people reading it in local restaurants, talking about stories they’ve read and yes, even seeing people conversing about it on Facebook. We love when people post a story from our paper to their Facebook page to share it with others.

Also encouraging is walking into a home and seeing a photo that’s been cut out of the newspaper and hung on the refrigerator or on a wall. To me, that’s really a reminder of what the hometown newspaper is all about.

It’s about bringing the community into your home. So for those who make this a weekly ritual, we thank you. For those who are reading us for the first time, give us a good read and come back next week.