New school year brings opportunity

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Editorial/The Spencer Magnet

For some 3,000 students in Spencer County Public Schools, today marks a clean slate, a new beginning and a fresh start.

There will be tears and sobs for the youngest ones today, and their parents. Those entering preschool and kindergarten will cling to family until the first bell rings and then they’ll embark on a journey that will last for at least the next 13 years.

For a couple of hundred, today will be their last  first day of school. The seniors in the class of 2018 will walk into Spencer County High School for their final year and today marks a wonderful opportunity for many to dedicate themselves to erase bad academic habits and mistakes of the past and successfully launch into the next chapter of their lives.

The first day of the school year brings opportunity. Students have the chance to get off on the right foot, teachers are enthusiastic about their mission to direct, guide and teach tomorrow’s leaders, and parents have the opportunity to make changes in the home that will help their children learn and succeed.

Just as importantly, this is a great time for the community to show their support as well.

We can start by being more patient and safer drivers, especially mindful of the little ones who are navigating their entries and exits off school buses for the first time.

We can support our youth, whether they be involved in academic clubs, athletics, band, or a myriad of other activities offered at their school. Some of the most important learning in school doesn’t come from a book.

Most importantly, we can pray for our schools, administrators, teachers and students as they begin a new year. There will be challenges, setbacks and obstacles, but knowing we’re all on their side could be the biggest boost we could possibly give them.