No bomb found following threat made on high school bathroom wall

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An apparent bomb threat was discovered at Spencer County High School this afternoon scribbled on a bathroom wall. The incident is currently under investigation by law enforcement, but a Kentucky State Police K-9 unit swept the building and found nothing suspicious, Superintendent Chuck Adams said. 

Taylorsville Police were also on the scene.

"In today's society, today's age, you can't take anything for granted," Adams said. 

Because law enforcement found nothing on the premises, Adams said the Dancing with the Stars event will go on as planned. 

Superintendent Chuck Adams released the following statement about the incident: 

Good afternoon everyone,

While I would like to believe that Spencer County would be immune to senseless events that endanger the welfare of others and disrupt the educational process, I feel it is my obligation to inform everyone that administration and local law enforcement are investigating a threat that was scribbled on a bathroom wall at SCHS indicating Tuesday, April 15 as the day a bomb will be placed in the gym. The investigation is inconclusive at this point, therefore and to ensure the safety of both staff and students, we are advancing protocol to include a sweep of the gym area Friday evening before the annual Dancing with the Stars event, and a sweep of the entire premises Monday evening by Kentucky Sate Police and their multiple resources. Police presence is also scheduled to be on campus Tuesday as well. Although the brief message only indicated the high school, all district schools will continue to be on high alert as a precaution. I deeply regret this announcement as an admittance of the sickness that plagues our present society, but I do want to provide reassurance that appropriate steps are being taken to investigate the crime and provide protection to students and staff alike. Thank you.

Chuck Adams, Superintendent

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