From our readers: City strives to improve

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This letter is being written to make the public aware of issues that the County and City face on a daily basis. Spencer County has been an agriculture county since the pioneer days. The impounding of Salt River and the creation of Taylorsville Lake in 1982 by the U.S. Corps of Engineers has brought in millions of dollars in needed revenues related to “boating and fishing” activities.

We have one of the largest attractions in the Commonwealth, Taylorsville Lake. It is one of the heaviest stocked lakes for fishing in Kentucky. In April 1985 Taylorsville Lake State Park became a reality. The Commonwealth of Kentucky leased land that bordered the lake from the U.S. Corps of Engineers.

It has been said to me on several occasions, “We don’t have an interstate.” This is true, but we have 2.741 miles of state primary routes, 52.949 of state secondary routes, 68.777 rural secondary routes and 14.133 supplemental routes. These roads lead to businesses within our county that strive on the citizens shopping here. They lead to vacant land that can be used as a business if the proper services are available.

Look at the businesses that have opened here since 1982 and see who owns these boats storage units, marina business, grocery stores, etc. Is it your neighbor, or is it someone from another city?

Many towns that have had attractions built in them have struggled to make their community strive. This town is not going to grow if people keep on saying it is dead and not saying what can be done for our county and city.

The officials in these towns have made their voice and faces known in Frankfort as a community that wants growth.
The issue of water is always a topic that some people like to throw around. I would like to speak on that. For most, the luxury of running water has become common. Turn the handle and water flows for as long as needed. Some people still rely on well water and cisterns that need to be filled periodically.

I have researched as early back as July 1962 when an increase in water bills was done to defray cost of new lines throughout the City of Taylorsville.

It is important to maintain a dependable, safe, and affordable drinking water supply. Therefore, improvements are necessary to supply the increase in customers. The water company is not only sending water to your homes and businesses but other duties need to be done. The stations must be monitored and made sure that they are working, as they should on a daily basis.

Citizens living around these stations and towers do not want them to be trashy. There is so much more to pumping water to your homes and businesses, mowing, weed eating, painting, fence repair, etc. There are many requirements with reports that must be met on a daily basis to be able to continue to pump the water.

The Louisville Water Company supplies water to the City of Taylorsville through a pump station and master meter located west of Taylorsville off of SR 44 near KY 660 and north of Taylorsville along SR 155 near the Jefferson County line.

Yearly, the City is charged an increase for this purchase.

The City has installed a 12” line along SR 55/155 into Taylorsville and a 12” line along SR 44 into Taylorsville. This will allow the distribution system to meet the anticipated growth.

At the completion of Phase III, approximately 95-98 percent of the county will have water. During Phase I, II, and III, approximately 100 miles of rural water has been laid.

The City of Taylorsville Water Department recently replaced old pipes under the sidewalk on Main Street. Some people stated that we got a new sidewalk out of the water fund. Many years ago our past city government placed water lines under the existing sidewalks. We could have replaced these old and very nasty inner pipes in the citizen’s yards or on the state highway at a greater expense to the City, but it was decided to replace the pipes at the current locations. It was not done for beautification of the city, but for the health of our citizens to receive pure and clean water.

The citizens have stepped forward and applied for grants and contacted citizens for donations to make Taylorsville look better. They have gone to businesses in other counties and acquired money for items. Yes, most of the grants are taxpayer dollars, but if our City had not received it some other city would.

We are a growing community and need to step up and see what can be done to make it a better place. Our school system is busting at the seams and a new school is being built to house our students.

The County and City must work together and be a unified group of people before any changes can be made. There are many issues that we need to assist each other with. At this time, we are attempting to work together on some much-needed items within our community.

I have done research on charges in many cities/counties and have found the following rates with using a 5/8” water meter which is the standard for services. Some might not be the 2015 rates and some earlier, but this will show you the difference. The City of Taylorsville remains over $7,400,000.00 in debt with a little over $2,500,000.00 being sewer obligation. The City of Taylorsville is still servicing your water lines and by servicing this means replacing old pipes, repairs to lines and meters and anything else that is needed.

Ellen Redmon
Taylorsville City Commissioner