From our readers: County leaders need answers beyond just raising taxes

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I read the Magnet’s report of the Fiscal Court’s meeting with some wonderment. Maybe it’s just me but here are a couple of observations that contribute to the ‘wonderment’ of ‘What the heck is happening?’

We have a Judge Executive who admitted that he could not read the budget in my presence. This contributes to the ‘wonderment’.

Within the past couple of months county employees are given a pay raise. What consideration was given for the budget now and into the future when the pay raises were granted? Any? Was there no understanding that the money to fund these increases would have to come from somewhere?

Also reported this week is that the Judge Executive would like to generate another position within the EMS department at the management level. Why? What has changed in the past 12 months that requires another 40 hour week? What will be the financial impact now and into the future for salary, fringes, and retirement?

I ask these questions because the Judge Executive, if reported correctly in the Magnet, is concerned about the financial straits of Spencer County. His solution, no surprise for a tax and spend politician, is to raise taxes.

Justifying raising taxes because one can or because the surrounding counties have higher rates is specious at best. It is sort of like when your child comes and asks to do something because ‘all the other kids are doing it’. That sort of reasoning raises flags for parents as is should in this case for taxpayers.

Tax revenues for the county will be going up this year because, as previously reported in the Magnet, assessed valuations have increased in the county without changing the current tax rates. But, as we are all aware, politicians like to ‘bump’ the rate. This is a DOUBLE increase. One increase will occur because of the increased valuation of property within the county. A second increase would occur because the tax rate increased on that property.

Just what is the Judge Executive’s plan for the rest of the year? Is there any beyond what strikes his fancy between Fiscal Court meetings? How about living within the counties income sort of like the taxpayers have to do?

This all sounds like a dripping faucet approach to management. Drip (spend). Drip (tax). Drip (repeat).

Does the term ‘recall’ mean anything to anybody???

William Rutherford