From our readers - Fiscal Court and its actions or lack of actions

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When the current Fiscal Court took office, I hoped for a conservative, responsible, open and honest court rather than the spending, closed and irresponsible actions the past court exhibited. Well I have been surprised by some of their actions and I admit the court is more open to comments and disagreement than the past Judge allowed from citizens. It was his way or the highway and if you disagreed with him you had to hit the road, but this court is open to citizens comments.

At first I saw cooperation and working together, but that has digressed into contention, hard headedness and inability to work out a path of resolution. There is a benefit to such a direction the Court has taken and that is a Do Nothing Court. I am beginning to think that is perhaps the best path for this administration for the remainder of their terms of office. Think about it, if they continue on that path, we at least won’t have any excess spending or over regulation of the county. Of course that can have it’s good points and bad points depending on your personal agenda as to the direction of the county. It will also lead to the State taking over the control of the budget since the court can’t agree on a reasonable resolution.

Spencer County is primarily a bedroom for workers in Jefferson County along with a minority of other workers in other surrounding counties. We have limited benefits for any business to come into Spencer County and it’s imperative that our leaders acknowledge that and quit dreaming of great expansion of our ability to attract businesses for employment of our county citizens. We must develop our tourist industry and to do that we need an active Main Street with stores catering to tourists. That means they MUST be open all day 7 days a week with stores that will attract tourists. We need to build a series of cottages at the Taylorsville Lake for visitors to stay in and that is the most important part of attraction of tourists.

The truth of the matter is Spencer County is not really interested in developing the tourist trade and if they were it would have happened when the lake was built. It’s next to impossible to develop tourism long after an important attraction has opened. Spencer County is a bedroom for workers and that it will stay. Also, I am in favor of our Fiscal Court staying a DO NOTHING COURT; it will work out the best for us.

Carl Darnell
Taylorsville, KY