FROM OUR READERS - Reader uses sarcasm to defend government spending

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After reading John Shindlebower’s column, I feel inspired! I have seen the light and have some suggestions for our Republican brethren. Let’s start charging admission to our new Public Library! This is a can’t-miss solution, not only on a local level, but statewide!

After the library, we start with Fire and EMS! No pay, no emergency care or fire coverage! Let’s not let the government get away with making future taxpayers dependent upon it by giving them a free education either! Same thing with law enforcement. If you don’t pay taxes, we don’t investigate your crime!

There’s entirely too much face news coming out these days concerning child labor. They can work for their education. Just like their pioneer forefathers. I mean how hard would it be to teach an eight-year-old the ins and outs of waxing a hallway? After that, we can teach them CPR and how to drive an ambulance, fire truck or even a squad car! And after performing these jobs for some time, I am positive that most won’t even need a college education. Bonus! Lower taxes and we get to prevent an entire generation from stumbling down the road to critical thinking - which we all know leads to socialism.

And thanks to Mr. Shindlebower, I now understand who would oppose this and other initiatives, which would keep the heavy hand of “Big Government off of the backs of the taxpayers of Kentucky.”

Of course, it’s everyone who does not descend from the hardy pioneers who settled this state. Whom could that possibly be? Well, we all know who “they” are don’t we? And we finally have a leader in the White House who isn’t afraid to name names... and countries for that matter.

You get what you vote for. And I remind my fellow voters that the primaries are coming. Register and vote to end this dangerous way of thinking.

Robert Whitlock
Taylorsville, KY