From our readers - Viewpoints on issues facing Spencer County

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This is a copy of a message I sent to Judge Riley and all of the Spencer County magistrates who have public email addresses.  (Squire Rogers has no email address available.  Do you, my fellow citizens, agree or disagree?  

Either way, let your voices be heard by contacting your magistrates or judge, or by attending a fiscal court meeting.

Here is my opinion on various issues facing the county:

1.    Oppose the use of aerial photography to enforce planning and zoning regulations because I feel it would infringe on privacy rights.

2.    Strongly oppose increasing the insurance tax.  As a fiscally responsible homeowner and conservative, I always feel that we should reconsider how we are spending our money, as opposed to asking the citizens for more of their money.

3.    Oppose using county tax dollars to bail out the mess at Edgewater.   (Unless the county has some previous legal obligation to the sewer plant, similar to obligations created by road bonds).    I realize I’m not privy to all the information on this topic, but believe the investors who have a direct interest in the sewer plant should be the ones who pay for it.  I also wonder if there was mishandling of funds by the previous management which caused these financial issues.

4.    Please continue to push for the purchase of time clocks which were approved for purchase last year.  This will improve transparency, and will probably save money.

5.    Another thought:  Follow Governor Bevin’s lead and consider the issue of county supplied take-home cars.  How many are being provided, and are they  all of benefit to the county (especially considering the cost of maintenance and insurance)?

If you’ve read this far, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to consider my points of view!

Cheryl Klotz
Taylorsville, KY