Police seek info on vehicle, man who reportedly impersonated an officer

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By Shannon Brock

Police in Spencer and Shelby counties are looking for information regarding a blue and gray dual-wheeled pickup truck with a white door.
Taylorsville Police Chief Toby Lewis was contacted Wednesday by Detective Sgt. Bruce Gentry of the Shelbyville Police to inquire if the TPD had a similar pickup truck as a patrol unit. Neither TPD or the Spencer County Sheriff's Department has such a vehicle.
Gentry went on to explain that a woman was stopped between Little Mount and Southville last night on Ky. 44 by a white male, apparently in his 20s, Lewis said. The vehicle only had emergency lights on its dash, he said.
"We know of no one in law enforcement in either county that has a vehicle like this," Lewis posted on the TPD Facebook page.
If you see this vehicle, attempt to get a tag number and call 633-2323 if you're in Shelby County or 477-5533 in Spencer County.
If you are unable to get the tag number, please tell the dispatcher the location of the vehicle.
Lewis advises citizens to use caution if a vehicle, which is not clearly marked, attempts to stop them or pull them over.
Lewis said citizens should turn on their flashers and wave a hand out the window to signal to the officer that he or she acknowledges the officer's presence, then proceed to a well-lit area before stopping.