Shop local–they have earned your business

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By Lynette Mason


Working with area businesses to share their stories has provided a unique look into their overall operations, along with a close-up view of the committed people who make these businesses the successes they are. These businesses employ dozens of our friends and neighbors who work hard to make the operations succeed, whether they are the business owners or the employees.

As residents of Spencer County, we should consider doing what we can do to be supportive of the businesses that are located within our county. Reasons to be supportive of these businesses are numerous. At the least, they contribute a large number of dollars in local taxes that helps to support vital services in the county. Emergency services, parks and recreation, schools, library, county government, and numerous other entities within the county operate on that tax revenue. Even more, they provide jobs for our families and friends.

Do local businesses offer the products and services we need to live comfortably? More often than not, the answer is yes. Determine some of your basic needs and match those with the products and services offered locally.

We all want shelter, so let’s start with housing. If you’re looking to rent or to purchase a home, or even to see if you would qualify for a loan to purchase a home, look no further than right here in our community. We have several qualified realtors who list numerous homes in the Spencer County area and many are highlighted in this edition, as are many of the properties they have listed. They would love to help you find the perfect place to call home.

Next you might ask, how can I pay for this home, where can I find adequate insurance, or how can I work through the process to get the legal work prepared to close on the home? Look around and you will find local banks, local insurance companies and attorneys who would love to earn your business. They have been here for years and have proven their trustworthiness.

Food, transportation and fuel are a few other important essentials and we are fortunate to have a full service grocery store, local restaurants, gas stations, a full service body shop and service center and local propane companies here to serve your needs. It’s nice to walk into a grocery store or a local restaurant and get personal and friendly service and to be welcomed by name when you walk in the front door.

How about your healthcare needs? Adults and children in this county have the opportunity to visit a local doctor or pediatrician, highly skilled dentists, physical therapists, an exercise and fitness facility, and a local pharmacy or two. And if you are a pet owner, you may enjoy the story inside about one of our local veterinarians and the services they offer. Take some time to read all of the stories inside and get to know our local providers better. If you wake up in the middle of the night with a toothache, body aches, or if one of your pets suddenly falls ill, you’ll be glad to know they’re here.

Consider making it a priority to shop at home. Keep in mind as you do, that these are the same people that live in your neighborhoods, attend local schools and churches, and they’re the ones who are supportive of most all of the community events held here each year. These people love our community and they show it by giving back to the community over and over again. Give them a chance -- they have earned your business.