Taylorsville Spencer County Fire Department: Awards banquet

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By The Staff

The Taylorsville Spencer County Fire Department held their annual awards banquet at Second Baptist in Taylorsville December 13. Over 120 firefighters, family, and local officials attended.

The following awards were presented:

Highest Volunteer Alarm Response: Cameron Canan

Explorer of the Year: Ben Steele

Recruit of the Year: Paul Samson and Tyler Milburn

Firefighter of the Year: Walt Elder and Kyle Bradshaw

Sgt. of the Year; Cameron Canan

Company Officer of the Year: Damon Jewell

Chief Firefighter Award: Nick Devito




Chief Nathan Nation presented the 2008 Chief’s Community Service Award to Ruth Ann Sweazy. Ruth Ann assisted Chief Nation in writing two grants which lead to nearly $200,000 being awarded to the department to purchase this lead to nine new self-contained breathing apparatus and a new 2,250 gallon tanker truck.



Nation presented Awards of Appreciation to Sgt. Adam Butler and Sgt. Mike Divine for their outstanding support of the department’s firefighter live-in program.

Nation also presented an Award of Appreciation to Assistant Chief Richard Morris for his hard work and dedication throughout the year.


Three firefighters became trapped and without a hose line on the second floor of a working house fire. By following department SOPs and having a RIT team in place, within four and a half minutes the firefighters were rescued from the structure. Chief Nathan Nation presented the following awards:



A Distinguished Service Award may be awarded for: highly creditable fire protection accomplishments that can be considered above and beyond the call of duty; must show highly professional conduct/performance; or show selfless conduct by a member in a crisis or emergency situation; or involve an act of significant risk to the life of a firefighter; or in a stressful situation, exercise good judgment to save the life of another.

The following people received this award: Danny Maddox, Charles Partin, Erin Harrison, Cameron Canan, Josh Nethery, Zack Casada, Tim Karrer and Kyle Bradshaw.



An Award of Commendation may be issued when a member of the department through their knowledge or abilities performs their duties in an outstanding manner. Such performance may be evidenced by selfless conduct by the member during a time of crisis or emergency or by skillful handing of a difficult assignment.

The following people received this award: Jason Karrer, Cameron Canan, Chris Stevens, Walt Elder, Ian Ryal, Tim Karrer, Danny Maddox, Charles Partin, Damon Jewell, Carlton Holbert, James Goodlett, Jeff Manning, Blake Bishop, Josh Nethery, Kyle Bradshaw, Erin Harrison and Zack Casada.

A Service Award was also presented to the Northeast Nelson Fire Department for their quick response.


Taylorsville Police, Spencer County EMS and the TSCFD responded to 284 East Main Street to find Mr. Richard Johns not breathing and without a pulse. The following awards were presented by Chief Nation:

Award of Commendations: Sgt. Charles Partin and Asst. Chief Richard Morris

County Judge David Jenkins presented the following Life Saving Awards to members of Spencer County EMS: Darrell Stevens, Chris Limp, Shawn Johnson and Toby Lewis.


The TSCFD and Spencer County EMS responded to 103 Mill Street and found Janet Hughes not breathing and without a pulse. Sgt. Adam Butler and Sgt. Charles Partin started CPR and soon after EMS arrived and both departments assisted with care. The following awards were presented by Chief Nation:

Distinguished Service Awards: Adam Butler and Charles Partin.

Award of Commendations: Richard Morris, Charles Partin, Cameron Canan, Mike Divine, Adam Butler and Chris Stevens.

County Judge David Jenkins and EMS Director presented the following Life Saving Awards to members of Spencer County EMS: Jeff Coulter, Mike Humpherey and Steve Gaffney.