Training Wheels Child Care - Building confidence with the tools needed to excel

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Owner: Karla Shields
Address: 18 Elk Park Drive,
Taylorsville, KY, 40071
Number of years in business: 17
Phone: (502) 477-9100
Ages Accepted: Infants - 12 yrs.

Training Wheels Child Care is dedicated to the needs of children and their parents. The choice for daycare is one of the most important decisions that parents will ever make. Karla Shields, owner and life long resident of Taylorsville, says, “This job is very rewarding but it’s not easy.”

One of the biggest concepts that Training Wheels wants people to take away from this article is that they are more than a daycare. They provide and educate children in such a way that they are, without a doubt, prepared for kindergarten. The main focus is on science, math, and language arts. The skills that are taught help build confidence and the tools necessary to excel.

Our teachers not only teach the children, they also care about each and every child as they would their own. Beth, the infant room teacher, says, “This job allows me to nurse my motherly instinct and it gives me joy!” The baby’s care and schedule are done according to the parents’ wishes. This allows the babies to have the same schedule as they do at home and the parents are in control.

Training Wheels has amazing teachers in every room. They have patience and give their all to educating children. Ms. Ashley, the one year old teacher, says, “I love kids and this job allows me to practice becoming an elementary school teacher!” Ms. Ashley is attending school for elementary education while working at Training Wheels.

We have two preschool rooms at Training Wheels and in these rooms our curriculum is based on LiteraSci. Ms. Jenny, the 4 year old preschool teacher, says, “I love the kids and I love helping them learn!” When Ms. Jenny’s students graduate from preschool, it is obvious that these children are prepared for kindergarten. We use the Brigance Early Childhood testing to determine how advanced the students are in their learning. Ms. Rachel, the 3 year old preschool teacher, says, “I find it very rewarding to know that I am instilling a foundation for the love of learning in my students. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to teach a child something for the first time!” Our preschool teachers work together to come up with the best route to prepare our students for kindergarten.

Our center works very hard to make sure that our children’s needs are met. We love these children and are always trying to do better for them from the previous years. You won’t find a better center! We are very proud of the teachers that are employed here and couldn’t ask for a better staff.

“Our daughter will start Kindergarten next year and we are confident that she will start school well prepared both academically and socially, largely due to the efforts of the Training Wheels staff.”

—Beth Cook

“Training Wheels is a top-notch child care facility. They have shown excellence in implementing new, exciting tools and activities that foster great moral and academic foundations in our children.”

—Happy Parents

“Training Wheels cared for my daughter the first year of her life. During this time the staff at Training Wheels were amazing. This is the place you want your children!”

—Harley’s mom (Jennifer Thornhill)