TruePoint Insurance - True client service focusing on insurance from your Point of View

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Owners: Brad and Kristen Smith
Address: 6287 Taylorsville Rd, Ste 203
Fisherville, KY, 40023
Phone: 502-410-5089
Website: www.truepointgroup.com

Protecting your investments and your assets through insurance is not only wise, it’s often required, either by law or lending institutions. However, insurance options are plentiful and getting good, reliable information can not only save you significant money, but provide you peace of mind as well.

TruePoint Insurance, located in the Elk Creek Business Park, caters to the needs of Spencer County residents. The agency offers commercial and personal insurance, as well as risk management services and employee benefit plans.

Owners Brad and Kristen Smith said while most people have some knowledge of insurance, it’s the priority of his agency to match each individual with the right policy to meet their needs and their budgets.

As an independent agency, operating in a network of over 3,800 agencies nationwide, TruePoint has access to over 150 national insurance providers.

“We provide the information on what fits them best,” said Kristen. “We know the market and we know our clients,” she said.

Brad said the agency’s name defines their mission, which is to navigate and guide people through a process that many find confusing and intimidating.

Some of the carriers they represent include Auto Owners, AAA, Safeco, Travelers, Grange, Acuity, Hartford, West Bend and many others. This variety allows them to present a number of options to customers.

Unlike captive agencies, TruePoint is able to seek out the best company for each client and their individual and specific needs. That means the TruePoint staff takes the time to get to know their customers and their unique situations.

Because those in the office live and work here in Spencer County, they can conduct this kind of business with a personal touch.

Kristen says that close relationship with the community affords them the ability to know their customers and their needs. For instance, when someone walks into their office, she may know they have a child who will reach driving age in a couple of years. She has a company that provides discounts on teen drivers if the family has been insured for the previous two years. Knowing a client as a person and not just a customer has its advantages.

That’s also beneficial when it comes to servicing the policy. Some companies spend millions on advertising campaigns touting the lowest premium, but Brad said the true test of a good deal is when you have to actually use that insurance, as when filing a claim.

“We’re there with you the whole way,” he said, adding that he’s been up on plenty of roofs assessing damage and working claims.

Because they live in the community, Kristen said they know when events occur. A storm that blows through in the middle of the night will not catch them unprepared to deal with customers who may have sustained damage.

“We take care of the people,” she said. “Our office is open basically 24/7 because calls to the office go to my cell phone. We know when things happen.”

With a emphasis on service that is personal and local, TruePoint has also built a reputation among small businesses who have insurance needs.

Brad said some large agencies only seek out large commercial customers, which means small businesses are sometimes overlooked. He’s been able to create a niche in that market and said TruePoint now has small business clients across Kentucky from the northern part of the state, all the way to Paducah.